The Game

by Terence J Henley



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/10/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 416
ISBN : 9781496982896
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 416
ISBN : 9781496982902
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 416
ISBN : 9781496982919

About the Book

THE GAME happens inside a very large Hadron Collider which is built by the Utopians Godisious and Luciferious to fi nd the answer to a problem their people have. Th e Cycloves are a very dangerous species, intent on killing everyone and destroying every planet they come into contact with. Having destroyed one galaxy, they are now on route to the Utopians galaxy. Needing an answer as soon as possible how they can accomplish this, they make a new multiverse inside the Hadron Collider that is in orbit above their moon. Th e Hadron Collider holds a number of universes, thousands of galaxies and millions of stars and planets. Everything within the Collider is very small, but the species that live inside it have no idea. Th e Cycloves are put at the top of the Collider and the humans lower down. Th e people from Utopia Prime enter Th e Game to take control of the units within it and get them to fi ght the Cycloves. Th e main two characters Darrent and Chrymella who are inside Th e Game, have to work together to fi nd the answer before the Cycloves return and destroy the Utopians and everyone else in their galaxy. When Darrent fi nds himself occupying Chrymella’s body, he is not happy and wonders how he can do his job

About the Author

Terence J. Henley, Terry to his friends, is disabled, formerly an electrical engineer and educated up to a degree in physics and maths. He had to retire in 1993 after he developed an Epidurmoid Cyst inside his spinal column and was given three months to live. He has read mainly science fiction novels all his life and is very interested in space. He also wrote short stories for his friends while taking their English exams in school. He has also designed three spaceships and the first one he sent to NASA, three years later a very close replica of it appeared on the cover of Spaceflight (a BIS publication) which turned out to be the Space Shuttle. He also designed a theoretical engine with engineers from Rolls Royce engine division back in the 70’s. His wife is continually at his side helping him through the long and often very painful days and nights. Terry is an amateur astronomer and a member of the BIS (British Interplanetary Society), and he follows the space programme with keen interest. He hopes he will see when the first people set foot on Mars and start a new life there. His other interests are films, Sci-Fi and Thrillers photography, model building and reading, mainly SF and Horror. His favourite author is Steven King. Terry has written a Sci-fi trilogy and a teen romance and a large number of novelettes. He now also edits the on-line magazine Odyssey for the BIS (British Interplanetary Society) and is helping to edit a new anthology by BIS authors.