Moray Firth: Double Cross

by Amy Johnson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/6/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 154
ISBN : 9781504943338
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 154
ISBN : 9781504943185
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 154
ISBN : 9781504991322

About the Book

Commander Conrad, of the US Naval intelligence is dispatched on a top priority mission to Scotland near Moray Firth. Two RAF Jets on a routine exercise over the North Sea have crashed near Moray Firth. At the same time a weather balloon unknown to some carrying sensitive military information has also crashed near Moray Firth. Conrad has to locate the witnesses to both the incidents so that they could be sworn to secrecy. The book deals with both a critical RAF crash, and visitors from space of great relevance to our times. Ultra is a hyper-intelligent being who lands with surety in Scotland. As Conrad conducts his search he begins to suspect that someone is peddling him to a kind of fin de siècle to search for the impossible. Conrad is acutely aware of NASA programmes for alien life on other planets and as a child he had read the exploration of space, which painted an optimistic picture of our future expansion into the Universe. “The stars are not for man,” was something he had heard recanted often. He had heard of UFO encounters, and hundred per cent of them were dismissed as nonsense. He however, had been a great fan of The War of the Worlds, despite the fact that SETI (the search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) had discovered nothing remotely resembling intelligence. Orson Welles too had dismissed all the hype since the beginning of the 20th century when flying saucers had first been reported and Timothy Good and Nick Pope, had provided no new evidence of their existence after the UFO files were declassified. Amidst all his ponderings from his witnesses of the crash at both sites that a UFO had caused the crash, Conrad soon realises that he too is being hunted, by some unknown lethal force; that what he was told of the incidents was only one part of an unbelievable story. From Washington to London, to Edinburgh to Moray Firth, the story unfolds when Conrad meets Ultra, who with precision accuracy reveals earth’s past , and an unusual cosmic alliance begins to form.

About the Author

The author was born in Kashmir, India, and her father served as an officer with the Eighth Gurkha Rifles with the British and Indian Armies. The author’s uncles both served in the world wars. Her paternal uncle was a great influence in her life and served as a naval attaché under President Eisenhower. She married an air force officer and pilot with whom she traveled to many places in Asia, Europe, Africa, Far East, and the Americas. She primarily trained as a scientist, a molecular geneticist, and conducted research in cell membrane genetics, signaling and transduction systems, collaborating with Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, Sloane Kettering New York, and NIH Bethesda. After obtaining her doctorate, she taught and researched extensively in molecular genetics and biomedical sciences. She entered the legal profession, trained as a lawyer with a highly reputable international firm, and completed her masters in intellectual property law, earning a first with distinction in her dissertation. She later completed a master’s course in international relations and politics, which serves as a foundation for many of her books. The author has two sons, one who is an officer with the RAF married to a British Airways pilot and first officer. The second son is training for a career in aviation as a trainee pilot, hoping to follow in the well-established family tradition, but engages an additional passion for Formula One racing. The author is currently an entrant with the faculty of advocates and college of Justice in Edinburgh, Scotland.