The Technicians of God

The Web

by Gavina



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/22/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 452
ISBN : 9781546297338
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 452
ISBN : 9781546297345

About the Book

The Internet has become a battling ground between pseudo-progressive forces and the new info-industrial powers. For this motive, gifted with wide, unforeseen and timeless capacities, the unknown is been decoded in exchange for rising ancient dilemmas, long lost quests and titanic agents which clearly intents to dethrone historical charlatanism with a kind of post-modern equivalency. Through centuries of proven, controversial or even speculative historical events, this book represents a timeless voyage in search of the so required antidote for Internet, Societies and Reality!

Leaving to the reader the option of discerning what can hypothetically resemble any realistic experience or what should be tolerated as fruit of incredulous imagination, this book is introduced as a truly distinct approach which, on a quest format based on a pertinent logical projection inspired on the presented web, allow us to see the end of the Internet that we have all loved but also how we can try to save it away from blindfolded systematizations and fanatic capitalism.

With incredible coincidences in relation to the new realities that have been presented to our sane collective mentality upon the emergence of Internet, I’ve carefully assembled several known historical facts plus many more other pertinent ‘visions’ that might lie on our creative minds to provide a proper ‘image’ in relation to the unknown challenges which we have all been confronting since the inception of Internet.

In an overall approach, this book also reveals a very thrilling fictional, not proven, and imaginary story crafted with the main objective of inspiring the ideal logical functioning for the Internet as based on the worldwide implementation of a carefully architected plan - ‘The Purpose’.

After all, modern technology should not be the same as what is written in History!

About the Author

With almost 40 years of computer experience, 30 at professional level, Nuno M. Gavina is a Portuguese writer, radio voice, developer, inventor and entrepreneur, former CEO of two pioneer Portuguese Tech companies and ClubeMicro brand during the 90s. Owner of OR2 Norway, Web Master, developer and producer of a 24 systems network,15 Multimedia TVs and 10 Online Radios, creator of Digitalands and Hyperstream Hub.
Co-owner of OR2 Europe (EU brand) with Marius Wlassak from Germany.