Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point Of View

by Margaret Rogers Van Coops



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/13/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 204
ISBN : 9781481775175
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 204
ISBN : 9781481775182

About the Book

This is not “Albert Einstein For Dummies,” but “The Genius” would be proud of the spirit of this book on the Theory of Quantum Entanglement, which is an enlightening example of complicated information presented in simple, easy to understand terms. Through a range of anecdotes and statistical evidence, Dr. Margaret, like a seasoned tour leader, takes you on a journey of your mind, body and spirit through the vast linked relationships among all forms of creation. From the quantum depths of the subatomic worlds to the endless reaches of intergalactic space, she binds you to all that is in a comprehensive study of the Oneness and the interconnectedness of everything in it. Unlike so many other philosophical and erudite works on Cosmology and Histology, this work slides you along easily in plain talk and down to earth examples, making you feel like this information was already within you... and it was. It just takes a little nudge to bring it into your conscious awareness. Enjoy!

About the Author

Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops was ordained in the Universal Christ Church (School of Spiritualism) in 1983. She is currently a Missionary, Director of Education and Treasurer for UCC. Margaret holds a Ph.D. specializing in Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapy and Behavioral Sciences. She is also classified as a DCH(IM), a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Integrated Medicine. She has practiced successfully in Spain, France, Switzerland, India, Egypt, Japan, England, Mexico and the United States. Her dynamic lectures and workshops in England, Japan and The U.S. have led to regular invitations to speak and participate in many international events. She is the author of eight other metaphysically oriented texts, including "Journey Into An Unknown World - The Way to Oneness Revisited," " The Rejection Syndrome," "50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations," " Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Pro Spirit," " Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy," " The Book of Crystal Acupuncture and Teragram Therapy Diagrams," " Expanding Images" and "Discover Your Baby’s Spirit." She has authored two novels: "Regenesis" and "Henry’s Secrets." Her books have been published in Western and Eastern Europe as well as Russia, China, and India. Dr. Margaret has also written screenplays including The "Regenesis Trilogy," “Seeing Blind" and "The Survivor," Margaret’s TV series, “Psychic Chit Chat,” has been aired on public access channels in Southern California and Arizona. The show features Dr. Margaret and her husband, Dr. Stephen Van Coops, also a Metaphysician and collaborator on her works. Her videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/drmargaret, include instruction on all six of her amazing therapies as well as several other videos created for spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological and inspirational aspects of life where help is freely given along with insight into her books and courses. Go to www.sumariscenter.com to read Dr. Margaret’s blogs. Comments are welcome. You can connect with Dr. Margaret through her website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Ning. Tweet: drmargaretrvc.