Wireless Health

Remaking of Medicine by Pervasive Technologies

by Mehran Mehregany, PhD



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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/30/2014

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 550
ISBN : 9781496934147

About the Book

This book teaches the fundamental and practical knowledge necessary to advance wireless health technology and applications. It is suitable for both instructional and self-learning. The approach is an integrated, multidisciplinary treatment of the subject. Each chapter includes: Abstract, Learning Objectives, Introduction, Chapter Content, and Summary. This book is developed for graduate students and working professionals with technology, science and clinical backgrounds. It is also an effective informational resource for the broader community. The authors are practicing topic experts from academia and industry. The editor has developed a graduate course in the topic, which has been taught using informal drafts of this book since 2011. 

This book covers the following topics:

About the Authors





Chapter 1            Introduction to Wireless Health

               Mehran Mehregany

Chapter 2            Products, Services, and Business Models

                Mehran Mehregany and Vicki Smith

Chapter 3            Physicians, Hospitals, and Clinics

                Kendal Williams

Chapter 4            The Current US Health Care System

                            David Gruber

Chapter 5            Policy and Regulatory Aspects

    Dale Nordenberg

Chapter 6            Personalized Medicine and Public Health

                            Brigitte Piniewski, MD

Chapter 7            Health Information Technology

                            Rick Cnossen

Chapter 8            Microsystems

                            Masoud Roham

Chapter 9            Wireless Communications

                Stein Lundby

Chapter 10          Computing and Information

                            John Sharp

Chapter 11          Social Media and Health

                            Keith Monrose

Chapter 12          Electronic Instrumentation

                            Christian Falconi

Chapter 13          Medical Device Design

                            Enrique Saldívar and Rajeev D. Rajan

Chapter 14          Design for the Consumer Patient

                            Srinivas Raghavan

Chapter 15          Design for the Health Care Team

                            Srinivas Raghavan

Chapter 16          Leveraging the Power of Games

                            Alan Price

Chapter 17          Platforms, Interoperability, and Standards

                            Rajeev D. Rajan

Chapter 18          Steps Toward Security of Wireless Medical Devices

                            Mike Ahmadi


About the Author

Mehran Mehregany is the founding director of the Case School of Engineering San Diego of Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), where he is the Goodrich professor of engineering innovation. He is recognized for pioneering contributions to microsystems technology, practice of innovation, and wireless health solutions; he has founded several technology start-ups, including NineSigma, Inc. His interests include sensor and microsystems technology, silicon carbide sensors and electronics, innovation, wireless health, and wearables. He received his Master’s and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in electrical engineering.