The Legend of the Wooden Bowl

by Junietta Reidhead & Illustrated by Lady Bug



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/8/2013

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 44
ISBN : 9781462406876

About the Book

Travis gets to eat whatever he wants, and he only likes junk food. Because his mother is always busy, Travis often eats colorful foods from packages and take-out from his favorite restaurants. He never eats freshly cooked meals—not until he has to spend the summer with his grandparents, that is.

Grandma and Grandpa live on a ranch far from any restaurants, and Grandma loves spending hours in the kitchen making nutritious, wholesome meals. On his first night, Grandma prepares a big, healthy meal from scratch. Yuck! This isn’t anything like what Travis is used to eating, but there’s nothing else to eat. Determined not to give in and eat his grandparents’ food, Travis decides to go to bed without eating.

Lulled to sleep by the rumbling of an empty tummy, Travis has an amazing dream. Transported through time, Travis dreams of Benjamin, a young Judean shepherd boy who shares his simple food with a very large group of people; Abigail, a young girl who lives during the time of the American Revolutionary War; Rylee, a hungry little girl who has to eat green beans day after day in a house full of sand; and many others. What’s more, with each of children in his dreams, he sees a little wooden bowl.

With the help of the little wooden bowl and stories of these children from the past, Travis may yet learn to be thankful for good, healthy food.

About the Author

June Bug
is a former school teacher who resides on a remote ranch in Arizona. She loves to cook and enjoys trying out new recipes. She and her husband have thirty-five grandchildren.
Lady Bug
is an award winning artist who loves animals and also has many grandchildren.