Subjugate of Crimson Flames

by Miz Judy L'Au Meyers



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/5/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 540
ISBN : 9781462406890

About the Book

The novel is based on real-life characters (which have been changed to protect the innocent, living and deceased). It's a saga of the time during the Revolution and the Civil War era, which is now a real-life drama. The reader will be, throughout the pages, living with us in suspense, mystery, romance, courtroom cases, murders, and agonizing moments to the innocent, and during slavery times, with plantations and owners, in treacherous turmoil. The entire novel is based on real-life stories, as they were shared with me.

About the Author

Miz Judy is an artist and a writer. She has taught classes in schools and in her own home studio with private lessons. She started a writing career from age twelve, which was the same time she stepped into the ministry for the Lord’s work, preaching and doing seminars. With her career of writing for churches, Sunday school, and college literature, using her own art, she has ghosted books for other writers and narrated them as well. At age fourteen, she started a seamstress class, known as “The Silhouette of Fashions.” It's a dress design school, using her own models for stage shows and drama. Along the way, she made one-of-a-kind gowns for weddings and evening wear. She found it fun to be drafting and tailoring men’s and boys' tuxedos. She received a scholarship, helping with another drafting school, and working on their catalogs, and designing garment drafts, while teaching students to sew. She says she is “a patchwork of self-taught education.” But since she retired, she prefers writing.