Herside Becometh

by H.Lee Jones



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/15/2016

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 228
ISBN : 9781481746649

About the Book

This is a story about a very confusing young lady who relishes torment but disallows tenderness. When Born, her boyfriend, pushes her around and humiliates her, she submits to his abuse, but when Plus, another admirer, wants to advance with kindness, she responds with resentment. Is she in search of love, or does she love to be insulted? Born was upset at Diane because she stopped to talk with some friends. When they were in the hall of their building, he grasped the back of her neck with a firm grip and berated her, “Who the fuck you think you are! You don’t stop and talk to nobody when you with me, bitch! I ought to fuck your dumb ass up right now.” Then he shoved her ahead with the heavy grocery bags in her arms. Later on Diane’s admirer named Plus came by and caught her by surprise. Plus was really fond of Diane, telling her, “Stop apologizing for everything, and stop bending over backward trying to appease a headache. You’re trying too hard to make this guy comfortable, and it’s not going to happen!” Diane was somber as she responded, “Man, your saying all the right things. I really do appreciate it too.” Plus stopped her, saying, “Look, Diane, you don’t have to be a fool for this dude. Just let me see you sometime just to talk, and I have no problem removing trash.” Suddenly Born angrily burst out of the building looking fierce as he glared at Plus, who returned the gaze. Diane froze in fear looking up at Born with bulging eyes. Plus and Born were about to clash when Diane stepped between them, shouting, “Stop! Stop! Don’t fight, I said!” She turned to face Plus. “Plus, what are you doing? Just what the hell are you doing? I don’t wanna talk to you! You should have just kept going by. I know what I can do, and I know I don’t want you. Born is my man, and I don’t ever want talk to you again, okay. Don’t come around here picking a fight with my man over me because you’re not all that, now, bye!” She went into the building leaving Plus standing by the stoop, and he was stunned by the event.

About the Author

Sometimes experiences in life affect us in way’s we don’t expect and may never understand, but our reaction to this occurrence is more important than the experience itself because in this case he did not lie down and play dead. He’s a commoner, a dreamer who loves to create stories of those dreams of his. This one had an awakening and a warning that proved true, but instead of falling apart he found what he truly loved. So he thought he revisit the experience and write it down this time, this dream. Everything he thought to be familiar with was abstract until he made it tangible, with an idea and a plan, to make it noticeable. Any occurrence or encounter that can ignite his curiosity was worth some artistic consideration. Whenever he happened upon a situation or was faced with a difficult task or lived under difficult conditions, he wrote it down, and more than likely he revised it to feel better about himself and what he was doing, i.e., thinking, composing and working long hours into the night, it was his delight. The things he thought about began to form in his mind and the desire to recreate what he had thought about became his ambition, that is convincing another to consider his inspiration. To him the prospects of bringing something unseen to life was nothing too outrageous, it’s what he does best. He can see only success as his consolation because he made the right choice, to proceed as if the thought had already materialized, this will to have dreamers dream realized.