The Laputan Factor

by Tristan Black Wolf



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/9/2015

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 141
ISBN : 9781504913393

About the Book

TOP SECRET – “PERSEUS” (EYES ONLY) PERSONNEL: O’Connell, Night. Profile: Programming genius, project head – revolutionary VR technology. Location: Vacation resort, downtime reward for exceptional work. Status: Recovering from brief hospital stay. PERSONNEL: Kovach, A. B., 1st Lt. Profile: Recon fgtr pilot, Starhawk III, exemplary record, auth. in-flight plasma shuriken testing. Location: Star Cruiser Heartwielder, Gorgonea Tertia region. Status: Training for Snake Lady squad, Medusa project. MISSION PROTOCOL: Reliable intel indicates viable project results within production and testing parameters. Medusa programming vital. Secure project details by any means necessary. TARGET PERSONNEL: Expendable. AUTHORIZATION: OORT CLOUD ZERO ZERO ZERO It’s okay, we’re on your side. No, really… Worlds apart, thrown together into a shadowy world of ghost-memory and half-suspected conspiracy, Night and Kovach must widen the fine line between reality and hallucination, dream and waking nightmare, sanity and madness, life and death… or another life...

About the Author

Tristan Black Wolf is an author, actor, improvist, pathfinder, pundit, and polymath. When he’s not looking up fancy words to describe himself, he writes and publishes novels, stories, blogs, and the odd screenplay or twenty. His story “Impossible Things” (Children of the Moon, Misanthrope Press) was nominated for the Cóyotl Awards; “No More Monday Memos” won the Editor’s Choice Award, Best Use of Anthropomorphism (Allasso, Pink Fox Publications). He won three of four National Novel Writing Month excursions (; the result of the first win is The Man with Two Shadows, which won an honorable mention in the 2013 Great Southeast Book Festival (New Orleans) and second place in the 2013 Great Northwest Book Festival (Seattle). His works are featured on SoFurry ( His work has won him (as of May, 2015) more than five hundred watchers and over one hundred thousand page views. He’s also won several SoFurry short story contests.