The Corner

Target Undercover Book 2

by Cecelia S. Davis



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/13/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 80
ISBN : 9781481700924
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 80
ISBN : 9781481700917

About the Book

Traffic comes to a screeching halt, horns blare and angry motorists start yelling as a young boy runs into the street, waving his arms. Fear is written on his countenance. “The corner! Stay away from the corner!” he shouts. The chaplain from the Youth Home in Edgerton, Kansas runs after him. “Come on, Jimmy!” he shouts, breathlessly. “Get out of the street. You’re going to get run over.” “I have to warn them!” he shouts back. “The corner! Stay away from the corner!” He pounds on the hood of a car. The chaplain grabs him and drags him away from on-coming traffic. The boy struggles and they both fall to the ground just as a bus rolls past. Jimmy starts crying, hysterically. “Someone has to warn them!” Finally, he yields to his captor in great sobs. “Its okay, Jimmy,” the chaplain assures him. “Come on. Let’s go back to the house. I know you think you did what you could.” Cecelia Stanbrough-Davis

About the Author

In 1996, I started writing my first novel, HEAVEN’S MISSION. It is about the people in a little town called Bethel, KS. The minister has been praying that the Lord would wake the little town from it’s lethargic attitude. The Lord and an angel named Mac are discussing the town throughout the entire book. Deep, dark secrets, including lies, greed, deceitfulness and even death lay beneath the surface of the little town. Everything starts unraveling and that which was hidden in darkness is brought to the light of day. This novel became a trilogy. The titles to the additional books are HEAVEN’S MISSION FOR A NEW GENERATION and LOVE TURNS LETHAL: HEAVEN PREVAILS. While writing this trilogy, I discovered a talent of writing about undercover police officers and their lives. This is a new series called TARGET UNDERCOVER. The first book was FOREVER MARKED. It is about an undercover police officer who is trying to retire from his last job which nearly ended his life. However, his former partner whom he had trained personally has turned against the United States and has a weapon that could wipe out anything. It is up to him to stop his partner. In addition to all this, he has a son and daughter that he must protect. The cover is the picture of a broken police badge and a gun. My husband and I have met 4 undercover police officers and I am now in contact with the wife of an undercover officer whose identity cannot be revealed because of the line of work her husband was in. She bought the book FOREVER MARKED and has informed me that the content is so true, even more than I realized. Future books for this project, not yet finished are VITAL HARVEST, MESSAGE DECODER, and THE PREACHER. Some of the characters from the HEAVEN’S MISSION series join with the TARGET UNDERCOVER series. My husband and I moved to Warsaw, MO after living in Kansas City, MO for over 40 years. We have a son and daughter and three granddaughters. While in Kansas City, we were Childrens’ Church Directors in the church we attended. My husband and I now attend Windsor Assembly of God church in Windsor, MO. All of my books have begun selling quickly. I always have a set of the Heaven’s Mission Series as well as Forever Marked with me. I never know when someone will want to buy them. My website for these books is