New Concept and New Way of Treatment of Cancer

by Xu Ze Xu Jie Bin Wu



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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/9/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 426
ISBN : 9781481732703
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 426
ISBN : 9781481732710

About the Book

This book is the scientific summary of the author’s treatment experience on oncology surgery during his 50 years of oncology surgical practice and of the author's research achievement during his 20 years of animal cancer experimentation and clinical research. The book is divided into 38 chapters in which the author demonstrates innovative concepts of cancer therapy including a new cognition of cancer etiology and pathogenesis, new concepts and methods of cancer therapy and anti-cancer metastasis and recurrence. The author also demonstrates experimental information and analysis of clinically testified results and new ways of conquering the cancers from many aspects. The cancer existing in the human body has three forms: the two points and a line, and “eight steps” and “three stages” of carcinoma metastasis, the third field of anti-carcinoma-metastasis and recurrence treatment, three Steps of therapy of carcinoma metastasis, etc. It includes both the review and recall of traditional surgical and chemotherapy and radioactive therapy and the summary and analysis of the experimental information and clinical testifying results for XZ-C immunologic regulation and control anti-carcinoma traditional Chinese’s medicine which the author purified from the Chinese herbs. In addition, in this book the author added the scientific methods of the cancer therapy and the strategies and suggests for the overcoming the cancer development. Some part contents of this book have generated great attention in the international field of oncology. In this book the contents are creative and the ideas are new and the theories are related to the practices. There are extremely high scientific value and clinical application, which is a value reference for clinical oncologist, oncology specialists and oncology scientific researcher and the family and caregivers of the cancer patients.

About the Author

Brief Introduction to Author Xu Ze, male, born in Leping County of Jiangxi Province in Oct. 1933, gradated from Tongji Medical University in 1956, successively held the post of director of department of surgery of Affiliated Hospital of Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, professor, chief physician, tutor of postgraduate and doctoral student, President of Experimental Surgery Restitute Institute of Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Director of Abdominal Tumor Surgery Research Room and Director of Anti Carcinomatous Metastasis and Reoccurrence Research Room. in addition, he held concurrent posts of Standing Director of China Medical Association Wuhan Branch, Vice President of Wuhan Micro-circulation Academy, Academic Member of International Liver Disease Research, Cooperation and Exchange Center, Member of International Surgeon Union, Standing Member of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Editorial Board of China Experimental Surgery Journal, Standing Member of 1st, 2dn and 3rd Editorial Board of Abdominal Surgery Journal. Enjoying Special Allowance of State Council. He has been engaged in surgery work for 49 years and accumulated rich experience in radical operation of lung cancer, esophageal carcinoma, liver cancer, carcinoma of gallbladder, adenocarcinoma of pancreas, gastric carcinoma and intestinal cancer as well as in clinical therapy with Chinese Traditional Medicine combined with Western Medicine of prevention of reoccurrence and metastasis after operation. He has been engaged in scientific research of surgery for 15 years and obtained many fruits, among which the task of Experimental Study and Clinical Application of Self-made Type Z-C1 Abdominal Cavity---Vein Flow Turning Unit in Therapy of Chronic Ascites of Hepatic Cirrhosis issued by Science Commission of Hubei Province was awarded Second Prize of Scientific Fruit by People’s Government of Hubei Province and was popularized and applied in 38 hospitals in 12 provinces all over the country in 1982. The task “Experimental Study on Physiological Mechanism and Pathogenesis of Schistosome with Method of Experimental Surgery” , issued by National Natural Fund Commission was awarded Second Prize of Scientific Fruit by People’s Government of Hubei Province in 1986. He began to study the tumor experience, established the tumor animal model and metastasis and reoccurrence animal model and probed into the mechanism and rules of carcinomatous metastasis and reoccurrence to find out the method to inhibit the metastasis. 48 kinds of Chinese traditional herbs that could counteract the intrusion, metastasis and reoccurrence were found and selected from a large number of natural herbs. Based on this, he invented and developed China Xu Ze (Z-C) Medicine Treating Malignancy, which had remarkable curative effects through over 10 years’ clinical validation of many cases. He has been engaged in teaching for 40 years and has cultivated many young doctors, 10 masters and 2 doctors. He has released 126 papers, published New Understanding and New Mode of Therapy of Cancer as the editor in charge; participate in writing 8 medical exclusive books including Therapeutics of Liver Disease, Surgery of Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas and Surgical Operation of Abdomen.