A Quick Fix

by Barbara J. Blyth



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/13/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 584
ISBN : 9781468581690
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 584
ISBN : 9781468581706

About the Book

An Edwardian seaside town is labeled the drug capital of north Norfolk, and an unlikely group of people find their lives inextricably linked to it—and each other. They are the following: Deeanna, the beautiful young wife of an MEP. She is desperately trying to save her family’s country estate following her father’s death and the discovery that they are broke. An opportunity to make quick money is just too tempting—and she has never been afraid to live life on the edge. Deeanna’s brother, Jonathan, always wants to emulate his sister. He takes over the running of the estate when the decision is made to open it to the public. His partnership in a flying school in Holland leads him to become an unwitting courier, with dire consequences. The mysterious Peter, who takes a job as security man to Deeanna’s husband, Nigel. But that is just a cover while he works for a drug enforcement agency. His dilemma is what to do about the stunningly beautiful Deeanna once he discovers that she is a main player. Crab fisherman, Whitebait, Highly respected in a tight-knit community, he worries that his pension will not be enough to give his wife, Mary, the rewards she deserves after all the years of hard work. During his last seasons at sea with his brother, Larry, they bring ashore more than crabs and lobsters. But Larry is weak and careless. He is tempted to try the drugs himself. The owners of a Dutch cargo vessel. Struggling to stay in business against increasingly difficult competition, they are also lured into temptation to pay off the crippling cost of their boat. Marti is a mixed-up young car salesman. His one ambition in life is to bring to justice the foster father who abused him as a child. He becomes a courier and quite by chance meets up with Terry, one of the other boys from the foster home. Terry, already an addict, introduces Marti to his boss. Joe Smith—that is probably not his birth name—is obese, suffers from angina and is no longer a main player in the Amsterdam drug world. He has been hard and ruthless over the years to maintain his slice of the business, but now he is losing out to the big, dangerous international syndicates. His sidekick, Roberto, is a suave Italian, and Deeanna likes what she sees. But he is plotting to desert Joe and move to the opposition where he believes a bigger pot of gold is waiting. Lured by the promise of quick financial gains for their own particular needs or greed, they all become entangled in a dark and dangerous network. Their lives are changed forever—as they opt for A QUICK FIX.

About the Author

As Barbara Blyth lay dying from a long illness her husband, David, promised her that he would try to complete her long held ambition of having her book published. A Quick Fix uses the information her retired journalist husband gathered while investigating the drug scene in North Norfolk and information she gathered while working as a barmaid in several public-houses. Born in Norwich, the daughter of a cobbler, Barbara tried many ways of providing for her two young children alone. This included becoming matron of a private school and when this closed she swiotched to working on the land. It was while running an agricultural gang that she launched on a career of poaching to ensure her children always had meat on the table. Her exploits at poaching were featured in a television series, A Cook On The Wild Side, with famous chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. When she re-married in 1989 she switched her attentions to supporting her husband in his career while holding employment in local retail shops. Often she would go on ‘shouts’ with her husband—taking a camera—and once had a series of photographs of a fire published in the Eastern Daily Press. It was also at this time she revealed a talent for writing and often had theatre reviews published in the North Norfolk News. It was this dabbling in journalism that launched her on writing A Quick Fix.