Terror In Shadows

by Lecy McKenzie



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/28/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 224
ISBN : 9781477207871
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 224
ISBN : 9781477207864

About the Book

Terror in the Shadows: Sometimes the one thing that frightens you the most is the one thing you have been looking for all your life. The Terror Is Here! Terror in the Shadows, a new suspense thriller by Horror Novelist Lecy McKenzie Pritchett, will keep you riveted and promises to be filled with bone chilling terror and heart stopping surprises until the very end. Four couples begin a dream vacation that very quickly spins into a nightmare. One of them is in for some life altering changes, and the realization that horror can be watching for you from the shadows, or maybe not? Alicia Martin was forewarned. A premonition, a sixth sense, a warning from some inner most human desire for survival, an uneasy feeling that this trip could very well be their last, a revelation of doom coming from deep within her soul, but unable to share these feelings for fear of her inability to tell anyone where they were coming from. Choosing to ignore these warnings, instead following her husband and friends to a mountain paradise, she will soon find the beauty that surrounds them is the mask for evil that is more terrifying than anyone could have imagined or foreseen. Finding themselves the prey of four demented brothers, who seemed to have crept up from the depths of hell, inhuman, and twisted beyond compare, languishing in the humiliation, deprivation, and horror they inflict on others, with a thirst for blood that is unimaginable, and a lust that will stop at nothing to quench that desire. The group soon finds themselves stalked and tormented, the pawns of a deadly twist of fate, being led into a wilderness that none may have the ability to survive. Unable to defend themselves against a formidable foe, with their only hope a mysterious shadow watching from a distance. Alicia is about to realize that the one that could be their salvation is the one thing that nothing could have prepared her for. A must read, hang in for the spine chilling ending that will prove a nightmare is only a dream of things that are meant to be.

About the Author

Lecy McKenzie was born and raised in Bastrop, Louisiana, the eighth of nine children to Paul and Isabel McKenzie, on September 17, 1951. Lecy attended college in Monroe, Louisiana, and moved to El Dorado, Arkansas in 1970 and called it her home until 1989. In 1989 Lecy moved to Houston, Texas, and began a career in real estate management, accounting and human resources. Lecy moved to Katy, Texas in 1992, a darling little community nestled a few miles west of Houston. This is where she began her lifelong passion of being an author. Lecy’s great passion in life was always writing. As a young girl, she gave away hundreds of short stories. She remembers always having a notebook in her hand, with one great novel or the other in various stages of completion. She would write her inner most thoughts, and she was amazed when people told her they were really good. She wrote about everything but her favorite stories were those about super natural encounters. Lecy credits her mother for telling her of hauntingly scary tales regarding her travels across the country as a young girl. My mother would have been a great author, Lecy writes, but a young marriage, and raising her children dominated her life, and never gave her the chance to prove that talent. She could tell a story more amazing than any book I have ever read, Lecy writes, and she was truly my mentor. She always had faith in me, and now, I hope I honor that faith and her memory. Lecy’s books can be ordered at any bookstore or on line book retailer. Lecy invites you to visit her website at www.lecysghostlybooks.com and she is now on Facebook at Lecys Ghostly Books. Today Lecy and her son, Morris Mashaw, now call the beautiful small town of Gravette Arkansas their home. It is nestled near the mountains of Northwest Arkansas, which is another dream come true for her. Once again, Lecy’s website is www.lecysghostlybooks.com, where you can find a review of each and every book and her promise to you are there are many more books to come. Lecy invites you to feel the chills, and enjoy the thrills!