Hero Veterans vs. the Veterans Administration

by Clint Dean



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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/6/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 48
ISBN : 9781477244067
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 48
ISBN : 9781477244074

About the Book

Many people see VA Hospitals, saying Veterans have it made with free health care. Most all of the people saying this would be shocked that the Vets, would trade their VA medical card for your private insurance card, in a flash.
The VA, also charges many Vets, a co-pay, will bill the insurance if a vet has or has been put on his wife’s insurance and bill Medicare or Medicaid. Somehow with all these collections when viewing the VA, budget, doesn’t seem to be a factor, the VA, says it’s cost continues to skyrocket. Also, when viewing the VA, budget submission to Congress, the travel expenses are enormous, but; can’t seem to decipher where that is either. One should understand the VA, Secretary, is a presidential cabinet officer. Therefore he has to travel with security and Secret Service protection, and a travel voucher. He is reimbursed per diem, exorbitant amount for meals and hotels. The government plane is on the taxpayers, and pilots and security. I assure you he does not stay at motel 6, or budget inn.
The travel expenses alone for the Secretary and executive staff, Regional Directors from around the U. S., could adequately compensate and take care of Vets, by the 100’s.
If the Secretary and his executives are concerned they would in Washington, and fix the VA. They do release a lot of press releases if read you would think that the VA, runs smoothly, however; please don’t be fooled, they are press releases, example; the VA, is going to hire an additional 1900 employees for mental health. Wow, that was six months ago, and looking daily at the Government website, USAjobs.com or .gov, there is NO postings. The good ole VA. This organization is a super classic propaganda machine as only a vet experiences. Many programs are announced, few get fully implemented.
When traveling, the VA, secretary, visits VA hospitals, when he approaches and ask’s how you are doing, have any problems, do you think he remembers 5 minutes after he leaves your bedside. Two years have passed and I have heard nothing about a problem I brought up to him, can the wards get cleaned on a regular basis? Nothing happened and no replies. Thanks Mr. Secretary!

About the Author

I have as most veterans, been sick with wounds, tropical diseases, fought the VA, tooth and nail. Many Vets, simply give up. The VA, is endless in it’s denials, endless paperwork, just about all that can be imagineable, the VA, has it down pat.I have a College degree, Worked for the Government, owned my own small business, then Agent Orange came on strong, and have not worked for many years, have aged before my time,

I live in Central Louisiana, Reside with my wife Vickie, she tolerates and loves me. I will speak at any forum especially if the VA, is there. I always attempt to educate at any time I’m asked.
I will speak, sign books and meet and greet all.
Thank You for your purchase and reading. I do look forward to meeting all.