Alzheimer's & Dementia: Through the Looking Glass

by Betty Weiss



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/14/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 228
ISBN : 9781468594270
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 228
ISBN : 9781468594287

About the Book

“Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Through the Looking Glass,” explains in easy to understand nontechnical language the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia; discusses issues like driving, hallucinations, delusions, bathing, respite, feeding tubes, hospice, guilt, sexuality, genetics, aging, warning signs, placement or home care, diagnosis, hospice, finding help, emotions and more. Sixty-six columns, and more, from the highly regarded All About Alzheimer’s feature written by the author and published monthly in Today’s Senior Magazine are assembled here to help the family and caregiver through the demanding trials of living with someone who has Alzheimer’s. Few things are as frustrating and maddening as Alzheimer’s and caring for someone with the disease is uniquely different from other medical conditions. In time, the patient is unable to help in his own care, even to follow such simple instructions as ‘stand up’ or ‘sit down,’ creating a difficult situation for everyone. Perhaps you think when someone forgets, you just remind them; no one forgets their own children, how to eat, dress and use the bathroom! But they do! In this book you will learn the difference between your forgetting a word and remembering it later and the Alzheimer’s patient who forgets but cannot remember later because the memory is not just momentarily forgotten—it no longer exists! If it does not exist, it cannot be recalled. You’ll learn things you need to know that will seem counterintuitive and require changes in your normal responses. They are not always easy to use, but they can make life with this disease a bit easier for both the afflicted individuals and those who care for and love them. You will come to understand the basics of the illness, why such bizarre things happen, and how to react to unexpected and on-going problems without making things worse.

About the Author

Betty Weiss began writing about the time she learned to hold a pencil. Her first little story in grade school was “Icebox Cookie,” about a puppy named Cookie caught in the refrigerator; Cookie was saved, all ended well. Then she wrote about a pot of homemade ink exploding on the stove—that did not end so well. She continued writing for school newspapers and student anthologies: if she joined an organization she was soon doing their bulletins and newsletters, for several years she did publicity for little theatre and other groups. All along she’d write personal stories and articles published in the Los Angeles Times as well as other newspapers and magazines and often picked up by different publications including Reader’s Digest. When her husband and childhood sweetheart developed Alzheimer’s she began keeping a journal that turned into “When the Doctor Says, Alzheimer’s: Your Caregivers Guide to Alzheimer’s & Dementia,” (and its Revised Edition). The book has become a treasured tool and reference helping those dealing with this misunderstood illness, explaining its endless bizarre symptoms, how best to deal with them, and where to find help. Her second book, "Alzheimer's Surgery: An Intimate Portrait," relates her childhood romance with her husband and their normal married life until he develops Alzheimer’s and their world shatters. For over five years she has written the popular monthly “All About Alzheimer’s” information feature for “Today’s Senior Magazine.” Over sixty of these columns are compiled into her third book, “Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Through the Looking Glass.” Weiss has a self-imposed mission to teach the general public the true facts about Alzheimer's, to dispel much of the misinformation and stigma that comes with this mysterious disease. She continues to live in the same Los Angeles home where she and her husband raised their children.