by Florence Mutambanengwe



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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/9/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 212
ISBN : 9781467878319
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781481785143

About the Book

When I was a small child, my grandfather made whole family pray.  I remember that some of the family members used to get tired of  praying everyday.  They would run away from the main farm house and hide.  However, that would not stop granddad Maxin Mwanyenya Mutambanengwe.  It was like some fire had been put on him.  He would pick up his walking stick and go round all the outer buildings as though he was hunting for a thief.
Why did he do that everyday?  He would come back with all the boys who were hiding from him.  Only then would the prayers start.  He never got tired of this activity.  Even if only one of the boys was not there he would stop and go and look for him.
Now I know he was actually fighting with the devil.  I am sure he used to chase the devil away from all his grandchildren.  
We had the bible but in those days he is the one who read the bible for us.  He loved singing therefore we had a praise and worship session and then read from the word of God.  Then he would pray and dismiss everyone.  
Now that I know, I hope “Prayers that Moved Mountains Still Move Mountains” will be of assistance to those families that wish to have prayers on a daily basis.  Just as reference to how these people prayed and how their prayers were answered.  “Prayers that Moved Mountains Still Move Mountains” is a selection of powerful prayers. Men of God prayed and these prayers were answered in most miraculous ways.
God will answer you just as he answered those powerful men and women.  He has answered my minor and major prayers.
Jesus offered prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears.

About the Author

The author has published two books already.  The first one is "I Gave You My Son", the second is "Read 31 Smaller Books of the Bible in 31 Days".  "Prayers that Moved Mountains -Still Move Mountains" is the third one.
Prayer has always been a powerful force in the in the life of the author.  She is the second child in a family of nine children.  Her parents who both lost their parents, when they were extremely young.  Her mother's parents were all dead when she was two weeks.  Her father's mother died after giving birth to twins boys, who did not live because in those days around 1918 Africans did not know what twins were.  It was taboo to have them.  Her father was four years old then.
The author's strength came mainly from her granddad, who taught her that prayer was the most powerful thing in the world.  She grew up knowing that there is nothing better than praying to God who would always answer her prayers.
She hopes that many people will be affected in a similar way that she was affected by these “Prayers that Moved Mountains  -Still Move Mountains” Series.  
She is a mother of four daughters, one is late, two adopted children a girl and a boy, and a grandmother of  eleven  - four boys and seven girls.
It is her main conviction that reading the bible is one of the most powerful ways of educating a family and has been seeing results from the other books.  She is an example of how God blesses his people.  Read these powerful prayers and be blessed.