(What is homelessness everyone asks?)

by Ambrose Onyekwere



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/30/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 132
ISBN : 9781467001953

About the Book

A homeless peoples support worker trekked around homes, streets, parks, shopping centres and cities to study homelessness issues and support homeless people around the world. ‘Homelessness’ was about an incredible journey to find the homeless free society as I travelled from Nigeria to UK, India, China, Russia, Belgium, and America, had seen homelessness related issue in each given society I visited. ‘Incredible journey of homeless peoples support worker to different nations.’ The travel that changed the way I think about what homelessness was that is as a result of lack of job, poverty, bad economy in any given country – to understand any society homelessness related issue you have to be there. ‘Homelessness’ explains whom homeless peoples are and what homelessness related issues are, as many people do not know when they are having issues related to homelessness in their living space they call home. You are facing homelessness issue even if you have a roof over your head but have filthy bathroom, toilet room, living and bed room. You are facing homelessness issue if you share your kitchen, bath and toilet room, living room and bedroom with strangers. You are facing homelessness if the estate you live is reeking of raw sewage and exposed electrical wires dangling beside walkways. If you live in an estate that looks more like a building site with rubble and debris scattered everywhere and glass panes on balconies are shattered or missing, then you are facing homelessness issue and are homeless person. When human being is having terrified living at any given home because of bed living space facilities is being homeless person and are suffering from homelessness issue. So ‘Homelessness’ teaches or enlighten on the importance of having a decent home and the difficulties faced when one is homeless. ‘Homelessness’ is about homelessness facts. Homelessness is cross the world.

About the Author

Ambrose Onyekwere works in social housing in London and an independent private consultant on housing and homelessness. Prince Ambrose is a friend of a friend of homeless people, writes about community disability issues, very serious issues but very difficult to believe by many. This book ‘Homelessness’ is an answer to the burning questions about what homelessness is? I hope this book will teach or enlighten us on the importance of having a decent home and change the way we look at issues related to homelessness. Who says there is no bad housing issue in their community is beautiful lie. Ambrose Onyekwere is also the author of CIVILISED SOCIETY.