by Louise P.N.Kibuuka



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/29/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 40
ISBN : 9781456798451

About the Book

A sensational story of a tropical African immigrant’s quest to become part of her new world. She sets her goal to have a beautiful backyard garden and lays strategies to achieve and realise her vision. In order to live like the indigenous people in the new environment, she must change and escape from her indigenous African traditions, this is not easy, for traditions die hard! The sentiments of her childhood, the recollection of her work experience, sweet memories of home and her travels must be woven with the new seasons and soils of the temperate region in her new home to help her set objectives to achieve her goal. Her struggle to till an abandoned plot. Experiments to turn the sticky, hard baked clay soil into sandy loam. The task to create nutrients to fertilise the soil to grow flowers which could thrive and bloom through out the four seasons in the new environment with minimal sunlight. The Extremely chilly, frozen ground and blistery winds ... Her troubled experiences include tilling the land, landscaping, procuring soil nutrients and equipment, experimenting with different plants. She has to work as a gardener to gain experience, collect odds and seed at the roadside and use plant waste to make compost and plant tea. Her discoveries include new methods of watering, containing and securing the plants in extreme weather conditions of the temperate region. Learn about which plants to plant in the different seasons. When winter comes she loses the precious tropical plants she had hoped would grow and reproduce. She records the lessons she learnt through own experience and experimenting on her own garden; the information that will help millions who wish to settle in new land and fulfil their dreams of new life in a new home.

About the Author

A graduate in agricultural and environmental development; long time contributor to Agricultural journals: African Farming , CTA Spore, Kenya Farmer magazines; New vision daily(Mama Shamba column ) .A member of the UNWSS.Edu.Forum for Sustainable Development. Born in Uganda, educated in East Africa, Holland and UK.Worked in East Africa, now lives and works in United Kingdom as a volunteer, support worker and writer. A mother of three, grand mother; her family runs an environmental information charity for the elderly and orphans in Uganda. She has plans to open a garden park in Uganda.