The Encounter Over Alaska

by Mark Barresi



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/15/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 128
ISBN : 9781463448561
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 128
ISBN : 9781463448578
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 128
ISBN : 9781463448585

About the Book

On November 17 1986, flight JAL 1628 cargo jet made international history. The routine flight encountered three massive UFO's while the crew was on their way to land at Anchorage Alaska. Days after the incident happened, it became one of the most famous UFO cases of all time. This is what the "The Encounter Over Alaska", is based on. When lead executive investigator for accidents and incidents for the FAA. Scott Andrews is made aware of the case. He at first is unfazed by the report and believes their must be a plausible reason for the experienced pilot and his crew to make up such a claim about UFO's over Alaska. But when investigative reporter Nicole Martone, proves to Andrews their is a cover up of evidence, of both military and civilian radar reports of the UFO's tracking the 747 cargo plane for over 45 minutes. Together Andrews and Martone will fight to put all the pieces together of why this incident would be covered up by FAA officials and the CIA itself. Scott will not only risk his career but also his own life, as he will fight to prove to the world one of the most famous UFO cases since the Roswell incident, did indeed take place. Get ready for an unbelievable thrill ride, as one man fights to seek the truth to share with the whole world and the answer to the biggest question of all time. Are we truly alone in the universe? One of the most debated and controversial subjects of all time will be brought to light in this adrenaline filled novel, by Mark Barresi.

About the Author

I have always been interested in Horror and Science Ficton Novels and Movies. I could remember going to see E.T. and Gremlins as a kid with my mother, and then got into the Action scene with Predator and Die Hard. I took creative writing courses when I was in college, and then while I was in the Army in the late 1990's. I found a book titled Cain by James Byron Huggins. I read this book in 2 days time. I loved the way he wrote the book that held my interest from chapter to chapter. He wrote about a lone Soldier whose family was murdered and lost his will to live and go on in life. But he soon found his faith again in God and became a Hero never before seen in any novel or film I have ever read. Since that book I have had the desire to write my own Novles to entertain not only my family and friends, but all people in walks of life. I like to write books that inspire one's self beliefs in their own faith and Love for humanity. Wether a person is going through tough times or had a Death in their family that really impacted them so deep, they felt God has turned against them. I want to convince people with my writing, that no matter how bad things can get in life. Your desire and faith should never end. I like Horror stories like the Exorcist, that challange one's self examination of themselves when they face a great threat and Evil like in that novel. As the ultimate battle of Good vs Evil. As I feel good will always triumph in the end. I currently live in New York City, I was in the Army for four years and I currently work in private Security. I have traveled through out the United States and parts of Europe. I fell in love with the state of Colorado, and the citys of Aspen, Denver and Evergreen. One day I hope to move back to Colorado and be at peace with it's beauty and nature but very nice down to Earth people who live there. I am also a part time UFO investigator and believer in the Roswell incident and many other famous cases. I have correspnded with famous investigaors such as Stanton Friedman and Richard Dolan and James Fox about their work in this critical subject. I intend to write about the famous JAL 1628 Alaskan incident in November of 1986 in the up coming year.