by Clive Alando Taylor



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/24/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781456788773
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781456788780

About the Book

Zaphnathpaaneah is a book of poems that somehow sits on the window of observation, from the profoundly surreal through to the abstract and borders on the intimate realms of the fascinating, if not thought provoking ideas that we can all relate to through humanity.

About the Author

As a young boy at school, i always found myself playing words & rhymes especially when it came to writing poetry, it wasn't the fact that i was especially gifted or talented but it was mainly my enthusiasm and style or ability to be a bit words and rhyme in my own unique way, in this day and age some may regard as a small degree of autism but i'm not quite certain about that as many of my peers could be just as challenging and inventive about prose. when i left school at the age of 16 i attend a dance school and was as far removed from literature as anyone could be, but i always kept at diary and during break time in between classes once again i would find myself writing or exploring various themes using rap, rhyme and spoken word to amuse myself and my fellow classmates. At that time i didn't take it too seriously but l loved the expression and effect that i was experiencing whenever these moments of inspiration came to me. During my early adulthood i went through a depression which resulted in a nervous breakdown and i was admitted into hospital for several months and was later diagnosed as suffering from chronic schizophrenia which is something that i have had to accept and live with up until now, and although my life had changed dramatically from being a potential dancer and performance artist, i was now being made to be ware of a new and changing world that i would now have to accept as my reality so along with my diagnosis and the stigma that i would have to endure, i decided to lean more towards spirituality which allowed my point of view on life to change and move on the best way i could, for a while i also studied other academic subjects like psychology and social policy but i was still drawn to the world of performing arts,, especially dance and music, and so during my early 30's i returned back to studying movement theory and music in an attempt to regain something more in tune with my original path and career choice, although by now i felt it was a little too late to achiever my intended goal and dream. over time i realized that i had constantly written and explored many themes through my experiences mainly writing songs and poems and the odd script or storyline that had captured my mind or psyche and so of lately i have pursued this level of equilibrium and understanding with vigor not only to help myself but to help others understand and to come to terms and recognize the world that were living in and to try make sense of it through communication. i am not so certain if this qualifies me to be a writer or validates my work or my ideas in literature but i have learnt to accept my life and my challenges as either ideas in a constant and perpetual cycle which i have tried to capture through my writing