Sleepwalking in Church

Waking Up & Staying Alert

by Stephanie M. Captain



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/8/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 96
ISBN : 9781456735555

About the Book

Walking out your destiny at times can seem quite overwhelming. Exciting, yet overwhelming at the same time. To me it’s like walking the Atlantic Ocean. You’re enjoying the scenic beauty, the peace of the water, the smell of the ocean and suddenly you realize you don’t know how to swim. Suddenly, you remember you didn’t get there by your own power. You’ve come face to face with the reality of your own inability. Without warning you feel the need to understand the natural laws of your surroundings, thus causing you to become overwhelmed and you begin to sink. You’d been so busy walking and talking to Him you never noticed you were leaving the shore. You never perceived the sand under your feet give way to water. You were so enclosed in your conversation, your time together, the way He listened, the way He spoke, all else had before inferior. And now here you stand, water quickly rising to your waist; in a panic.

This is what it is like some days. You question yourself. How did I get here? Who told me I could do this? I can’t swim! What could I have been thinking to make such a step? Then you remember. It was those closet moments. Those closet promises. The “I will” and the “I shall” He promised. The “you can” and “you possess” He told you. Most of all it had been the, “my beloved” and “you’re mine” that had captivated you and drawn you directly into the deep. Which is exactly what and where it is; the deep, the place of no return. The place where you say, God if I die trusting you, I just die, but I won’t turn around. Wherever you lead me, that is where I will go. We’re in this together for the long haul, it’s me and you. I refuse to sleepwalk any longer.

About the Author

Stephanie is an author who is well sought after for her godly wisdom and insight. She travels throughout the country conducting conferences, workshops, and seminars endeavoring to encourage and help build others. She has authored many books: Help Lord, I Married a Golfer, East Wind, A Hundred Things to think About, Cousin S.E. May, Dear God, We Need to Talk, Our Time, and Jehovah Answers; to name a few. Originally a native of Florida, Stephanie now resides in Georgia with her husband, their three children and grandson.