Times of Death and Roses

by Adel Bishtawi



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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/17/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 400
ISBN : 9781456789138

About the Book

Times of death and roses A novel by Adel Bishtawi `One of the most important contemporary Arab novelists' Here are some of the comments by literary critics on Times of Death and Roses `A passionate, extremely romantic love story, posing problematic questions: can love and life exist in times of destruction and death? Could a rose blossom in a soil infected by mines? Could the angels spread their white wings in an age of demons and senseless killing?' Al Sahraa Newspaper (Morocco) `It was not easy for Bishtawi to send back to the caves of death the souls he has awaken without giving them the chance to speak out, and to re-arrange the facts that led to the defeat of a generation that lost both dream and life.' Al Sharq Al Awsat Newspaper (London) `With such a story, mode of address and language, Bishtawi has produced a great novel (and) assumed a distinguished status among the Arab novelists and made Times of Death and Roses times of enjoyable reading.' Al Hayat Newspaper (London) `A story of a beautiful sophisticated young woman directly in conflict with a person portrayed as the human embodiment of a modern Satan. Through this story, the novelist takes us, the readers, on a journey where our destiny is to be possessed by the prince of darkness, to touch it and to repeatedly feel an urge to free ourselves from its grip. At times we cannot but sense the devil lurking under our very skin; feel his breath released from deep down within us.' Al Quds Al Arabi Newspaper (London) Full reviews at www.bishtawi.com

About the Author

Adel S. Bishtawi Novelist and historian Adel Bishtawi was born in Nazareth, 1945. He read English Literature at Damascus University and attended a course in Linguistics at the Central London Polytechnic. A journalist by career, he was front page editor of Al Arab Newspaper (London), the first pan-Arab newspaper launched in Europe and co-founder of two of the most prestigious Arabic publications - Asharq Al Awsat (London) and Al-Hayat (London). For almost seven years, he was Central Managing Editor of the Emirates News Agency, Abu Dhabi (UAE). Bishtawi's early fiction works included several anthologies of short stories and a novella. The Andalusian Moriscoes: History of the Moriscoes after the fall of Granada was first published in Cairo in 1982. His first novel Traces of a Tattoo was published in 1998; his second ̶ Times of Death and Roses ̶ was published in 1999 and the third ̶ Gardens of Despair ̶ in 2000. Martyrdom of the Andalusian Nation (Part I) was released in 2001. History of Injustice in the Arab World was launched at the Sharjah World Book Fair in December 2005, and Manifest Destiny of Imperial Decline, came out in 2006. Almost obsessed by the origin of things universal, Bishtawi's occupation with the mysterious origin of the Arabic numerals led him to their accidental discovery. The story of his search was documented in the Origin of the Arabic Numerals - A natural history of numbers (AuthorHouse, 2011). This discovery, in turn, led him to the correct identification of the bi-consonantal original roots and the grammatical re-construction of ancient Arabian, believed to be the oldest language still in use today, fully or partially, by more than 1.5 billion people in the four continents. If we believe that etymology is history, as some appear to do, ancient Arabian holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the oldest human civilisation in existence. Some of these secrets were unveiled in volume I of the Book of Origins - Natural Foundations of Arab Civilisation, launched in London in November 2010. More will follow in the next three volumes of the Book of Origins. The writer has published hundreds of articles and interviews in Arabic and English. He appears regularly on TV shows, and participates in conferences and seminars on history, literature, religion, economy and current affairs. The author is blessed with two great sons: Sammy and Daniel. He has both British and Maltese nationalities. Author's websites: http://www.bishtawi.com http://www.arabicnumerals.net http://www.bishtawi.com/arabic/index.html