Sense and Nonsense

Conversations with a clown about spiritual things

by Malcolm Rothwell



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/18/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 300
ISBN : 9781456770105

About the Book

Do you think Christianity is sense or nonsense? Do you have lots of questions you want to ask about the relevance of Christianity in this culture that we live in?

How has science affected faith? What are the difficulties associated with prayer? What is spirituality? Am I as free as I think I am? What will happen to the church?

Is the bible true? What has happened to community life? These are some of the questions this book tries to answer.

It is written for people in the church who are struggling with their faith and hanging on by their finger nails. It is also written for those who find the church irrelevant because it is hanging on to outmoded ways of thinking. The book takes the form of a conversation between the author and a clown called Zeno, the author’s alter ego. The author is not allowed to lapse into jargon or long words. If so, he is challenged by Zeno to explain himself.

The book is a light hearted, honest attempt to examine issues affecting all who are trying to live a Christian or spiritual life. Funny and yet profound. Learn and laugh at the same time. Much of the material is drawn from the author’s experience as a Methodist Minister.

Some may find this book too radical and discomforting, others liberating, but for all it will bring a smile. There is something moving and deeply spiritual about a good laugh. It is like internal jogging.

About the Author

Malcolm Rothwell was a teacher and studied psychology before entering the Methodist Ministry. Whilst attending a University chaplain’s conference on circus skills and ministry, he found his ‘inner clown’ and became a member of the Holy Fools. Some years later he went on a 30 day silent Ignatian retreat. This was a conversion experience that saved his spiritual bacon. He also trained as a marriage counsellor and this training put him in touch with his feelings. During his ministry he has tried to be honest and authentic in bringing the head and the heart together. He believes passionately that God is where the life is. What is it that spiritually energises you? He lives in Portchester, near Portsmouth, on the south coast of England. He is actively involved in leading retreats and offers a ministry of spiritual accompaniment. He is Chair of the trustees of the Retreat Association and Chair of the Methodist Retreat and Spirituality Network.