The Greatest World War

by Francis Halder



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/10/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 52
ISBN : 9781456773151

About the Book

The term war has been in use ever since history was first recorded. In the present global situation the word war is very common, because man's very existence is so vulnerable. It is war that makes the world vulnerable . So many types of war exist: terrorism (terrotist[s] against opponent[s]}; War against Terrorism; Jihad; nuclear arms race; civil war; etc. All war is essentially the same; hate against hate; Does any war bring a long-term peaceful solution?

This book attempts to describe how' out of World War I and World War II, there re-emerged the Greatest World War, which people do not count and have not noticed. This war has been fought and lead by one King versus the whole world; this is the war of love versus hate and all the evils of whole world . It is the King who has the great victory in this war.

In Greatest World War, author's objectives are to present the true definition of unconventional war, which is mighty and powerful, and in the long run, more effective. It is not the purpose of these pages to identify all the different wars that change and shift with kaleidoscopic speed , but rather to analyse the cause of the vulnerable situation of the individual, social and global environments.

Critics may not agree with author's choice of the word war. Nevertheless, he has logically and internationally used the word war.

The thesis of this book is based on the biblical philosophy of Jesus and His history. This book may be internationally controversial. author hope that something of what he has written will shock and touch readers, rousing them out of apathy and into awareness of the reality of our desperate condition individually, socially and globally, so that they may bring their newfound concerns to the attention of world leaders.

About the Author

With very common issues, put an uncommon voice and readers expected time demanded concern, author put pen to paper will attract the readers.