Assassin's Time out of Time

by Neil L. Hawkins



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/28/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 260
ISBN : 9781452090658

About the Book

In Assassin’s Time out of Time, the sixth sequel to the Book in the Loft series, time travel once again becomes reality for Neil MacBruce and the crew of the starship Explorer, and they experience firsthand what no one understands. An action that took place in the future is about to be undone by an action taking place in the past of that future, which could very well cause the present as well as the future to cease to exist or branch off into different and possibly undesirable timelines. How that is possible is something those in the present can only visualize, but it is decided that the events that occurred in the past of their future must not be tampered with. Just as tampering with events in the past of the present can alter the history of the present, tampering with events in the past of the future can alter the history of the future. And that, it is decided, has to be avoided at all costs. But there are those who either do not realize the end results of what they are about to do or they simply do not care―and the assassin is about to strike.

About the Author

“Because, my friend,” Captain Varkon said, thinking fast as to how he could convince those in the room that what the man had just said would not happen, “whatever your reasoning was about life moving along different paths is only true if you remove an object before a certain action is taken. I agree with you that if the founder dies all around him will simply move along a different path in life. But that doesn’t take into consideration the fact that Surion’s future—your future—has already been tampered with. And if you now fool with the past, that action in the future couldn’t have possibly taken place. So in reality you’re removing an object not before but after an action has taken place. There’ll be no other path for us to take because we have already taken the path we took. And that, my dear friend, can’t be changed no matter how you look at it. Therefore, our trip to the future must occur as it did. Your removal of the competition founder will in all probability cause our existence to cease, and yours as well. The same holds true for where we are at this moment. If your plan succeeds, we could not possibly be here now talking with you. But we are. And to ensure this visit remains in our future is why we came here.” “That’s only a theory and can’t be proved,” Aron’s mother said, but with a look of uncertainty on her face. “Fine,” Captain Varkon said, leaning back and clasping his hands behind his head. “You want proof? Okay, we’ll just sit here and watch each other disappear at the moment Torn’s great-grandson is killed. But Perhaps,” he then said, putting his hands down and leaning toward Aron’s mother, “if I explained it a bit differently, you might begin to see the picture you have painted for yourselves. You mentioned life is similar to your games. I agree with that. But in the game you have several alternatives before you make your choice to follow a particular path. But in a game you can change the program if something doesn’t work out and you can start over. You can go back to the beginning and choose another route to get to the end. But in real life you can do that only if nothing in the future has already taken place. For example, if you choose a path in life that leads you to poverty, you can go back in time and choose a path that will lead you to riches. But if before going to the past you travel to your future and learn that you had died as a direct result of your original poverty, you couldn’t go to the past to change that because the future demands your death take place as a result of what you originally did. Do you now understand the mess you’re in?”