by Dillon Vantine



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/1/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 192
ISBN : 9781452060767

About the Book

   Nollid is a teenager that doesn't even exist to the majority of society. He has become bored with his unnoticed life and wishes for some excitement. After Nollid is checked out of school by two strnagers claiming to be his parents, Nollid's life begins to spiral into action. The strangers take Nollid (willingly) to an organization called O.N.E. for people that are "like him". Another organization called P.A.N.E., begins to threaten Nollid and his friends to achieve certain goals. Nollid must slowly discover who he really is/was and what is actually happening between the organizations before it's too late.

   As Nollid progresses through life, he fells his life is empty. He goes to Mrs. Russell to find a solution but to no avail. Shortly afterwards, Nollid is attacked by a hooded stranger, and awakens in a strange world where he meets a young woman named Molly. After the two converse, Nollid learns that he is dead and is now in Purgatory. Nollid and Molly, must find a way back to the world of living and find out why someone killed him in the first place. Did the assassin have a grudge, or is someone else pulling the strings?

   Molly and Nollid are making wedding arrangements, but a secret villain is lurking behind the scenes. Out of the blue, a Non-Existent that formerly worked for P.A.N.E., challenges Nollid to a fight. Afterwards, Molly is kidnapped, and Nollid begins on a search to find Molly at all costs. As mysteries begin to unfold, the stage is set for Nollid's final task. But will his efforts to save Molly lead to the destruction of everything Nollid has? Or will Nollid and Molly be reunited? All that is for certain is that Nollid will come face to face with the ultimate end.

About the Author

   Dillon Vantine was raised in the countryside of Ardmore, Oklahoma with his grandparents and mother. He usually spends his free time roaming his 83 acres of backyard fishing, and self-reflecting on his life.

   Many topics of Dillon's writings include: light, darkness, existance, good and evil, mirrors, angels, the sun, and the moon.

   Other than writing, Dillon enjoys random trips to places, sleeping, having a quiet time, socializing through Facebook, and texting, as well as socializing in person, and above all others- swimming.

   Dillon Vantine plans to become a paraglegal in the near future as well as a fictional writer in his spare time.