Life in Ethiopia

Historical and Religious Highlights of a 2,000 Year Old African Dynasty

by Job K. Savage



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/2/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781452052694
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ISBN : 9781452052687

About the Book

The author becomes fascinated with Ethiopia after he and his wife live there for two years. This fascination continues to grow as the years pass and they explore other countries, particularly African countries. The idea of bringing this fascination and uniqueness to the attention of others develops, and a book results.


To be more specific, factors such as Oldest Christian Empire, one of the oldest –if not the oldest-dynasties In the world (over two thousand years)- one of the oldest written languages, Ge’ez- Ancient Ethiopia one of places where early civilization began-the  city-state of Axum where Ethiopia began its dynasty and said to be the repository of the Ark Of The Covenant (Ten Commandments).


Also there are some remarkable sights to be seen such as the famous rock churches carved out of solid volcanic rock underground during the reign of King Lalibela the Falashan King of Ethiopia. Churches and monasteries are abundant in Ethiopia, many are spectacular to behold and filled with crosses and other religious works.


The history of the wars fought among different sections of the country and between countries is gripping. It seems them was never a new ruler without a series of battles to determine the succession. Each ruler was supposed to  be descended from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Fact or myth? The Ethiopians say fact. Whatever, it is one of the great stories of Ethiopia. There was one period of over three hundred years when the Solomonic Line was interrupted by the Falashan Line headed by Agaws, who were Jewish (black Jews).The Falashans were said to be descended from the Jewish servants who came  back to Ethiopia with Menelik the First( son of Solomon   and Sheba).


The dynasty ends when Emperor Haile Selassie is dethroned in 1974

About the Author

A creative mind trained to exploit that ability describes the author. During his working career he has travelled in at least sixty foreign countries and worked in half of them. Job is an economist with a PhD. Degree and specialized in agricultural development. Prior to working overseas he was employed by the US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC in Farmer Cooperative Service.  There he worked his way up the ladder and received an AWARD FOR SUPERIOR SERVICE from the Secretary of Agriculture. In February of 1972 he retired from the USDA with thirty two years of honorable service, and accepted a position in Ethiopia as an advisor to the Minister of Agriculture. After two years in Ethiopia he declined an offer to continue for two more years. He and his wife had decided to return home and settle down to a quiet life of rest and relaxation. But this was not to be. Soon the phone was ringing and the offers to work overseas were too tempting. Job was back overseas, and worked as a consultant for another sixteen years. His lovely wife, Agnes, accompanied him on most of his assignments. They never again established residence overseas.


Job’s work overseas was recognized and appreciated. He received THE INTERNATIONAL COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT AWARD, presented by THE National Committee for Cooperative Month in 1992. Job also received his B.S. degree from NC State College Cum Laude. He served four years in the army during WWII as an officer in the Anti Aircraft Artillery, and retired from the National Guard as a LT. Colonel,  and is a member of Cambridge Who’s Who. He writes in a conversational style and has published a book titled TARBORO TO KATMANDU.