Hau Pei Jen

Bold Horizons in Ink and Color

by Julie Holding



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/2/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 96
ISBN : 9781449096793

About the Book

Hau Pei Jen is an accomplished Chinese watercolor artist. Art historians and critics in China called him inspirational and credit him with providing a new direction for Chinese art. In 1984 people lined up in rain to see his exhibit in Beijing. His subsequent exhibits in China including the 2008 Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen multi-city show garnered him critical acclaims. A 2009 Silicon Valley exhibit caused great excitement among art collectors. In order to understand the magic of Hau's art and why it is so well received by scholars, critics, collectors, and general public alike, Holding traces the use of color in Chinese art and the historical development of splash ink-and-color method, a key element of Hau's style. Examining the evolution of color usage and splash painting in Chinese art, one sees that Hau's art is deeply rooted in traditional techniques. The book proceeds then to illustrate and analyze the unique characteristics of Hau's art using multiple views of artists, both professional and amateur, as well as scholars to establish Hau's innovative approach. Finally, the book presents a step-by-step demonstration of Hau's method, giving a blue print to those inspired to follow his path.


About the Author

Julie Holding, an engineer by training and practice, is now a painter. She is the Secretary of American Society for the Advancement of Chinese Arts (ASACA) and has been a student of Chinese watercolor master, Hau Pei Jen, for many years. She serves as a translator for Hau and ASACA, a post she held for the past three years. This process of providing both oral and written translations for Hau has enhanced Holding's understanding of Hau's art. In Hau Pei Jen: Bold Horizons in Ink and Color, Holding has synthesized material from classroom lectures, workshop demonstrations, art critics' reviews, and her own research to give readers not only a comprehensive look at Hau's art but also a rare peek into his methodology.