Compel Them To Come In

Reaching People with Disabilities through the Local Church




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/17/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 256
ISBN : 9781449075866

About the Book

     One out of every five Americans lives with the daily challenges of some form of disability.  Eighty percent of this group has no home church home to call their own.  For twenty-eight years Special Touch Ministry has served the spiritual and felt needs of thousands of people with physical and intellectual disabilities across the nation.  In addition to direct ministry through the Summer Get Away vacation/retreat program and local chapter support groups, its representatives have taught at numerous churches and conferences on vital issues related to disability awareness, advocacy and ministry across the country.

Now Special Touch presents a tool to help local pastors and congregations touch the lives of people with disabilities in their communities.  Compel Them to Come In:  Reaching People with Disabilities through the Local Church is both a disability ministry conference between two covers and a journey into the world of disability as seen through those who live there.  At the heart of the book is the premise that every person, regardless of their condition or disability deserves a presentation of the gospel at their level of understanding.  Compel Them to Come In  presents discussions on the following topics:

  • The Biblical foundation and mandate for disability ministry
  • How churches can start an outreach to people with disabilities in their community
  • A Biblical strategy for evangelism
  • How to Present a Disability Awareness Sunday
  • Including Students with Special Needs in your Sunday School
  • Whosoever Will May Come: People with Intellectual Disabilities and Worship
  • Understanding the Unique Needs of People with Mild Intellectual Disabilities
  • Inside the Prison Bars of Physical Disability
  • The Crisis and the Covenant:  Physical Disability and Marriage
  • Making the Cross Accessible to the Blind and the Vision Impaired 

With much more to everyone with an accessible heart and a desire to make a difference on an adventure of a lifetime!


About the Author

Special Touch Ministry has fielded a team of its most experienced communicators and teachers to write Compel Them to Come In.

Editor and lead writer Tom Leach has had a lifetime of personal experience with physical disabilities. He was born with mild Cerebral Palsy and at the age of twenty-five a car wreck left him paralyzed from the chest down as a C-6, 7 quadriplegic. His understanding of these conditions has served him well in connecting with audiences through his speaking and writing. In addition he has had eighteen years experience in specialized ministry to those with mild intellectual disabilities. Among his writing credits is the Word Walk Bible curriculum. This is his second book.

Tom's wife Gayle combines twenty-six years of caregiving experience with thirty years of ministry as a missionary, teacher, pastor's wife, and speaker.

Over nearly thirty years Special Touch President, founder, and nationally appointed missionary Charlie Chivers has invested thousands of hours in ministering and teaching in front of audiences, preaching the gospel and speaking on the subjects of disability ministry, advocacy and awareness. Charlie and his wife and co-founder Debbie have committed their lives to the development and implementation of a comprehensive vision of service, support and spiritual influence among people with disabilities and their families. Under their leadership, Special Touch Ministry has grown from concept to reality as a national organization, ministering to thousands within the disability community every year.

Their passion and influence among people with disabilities has led many to discover their own calling to disability ministry, both full and part time, and has paved the way for hundreds to come to know Christ. They also personally coordinate the Wisconsin Special Touch Summer Get Away.

Nationally appointed Special Touch missionary Larry Campbell is acknowledged nationwide and across denominational lines as a pioneer and authority on leading people with intellectual disabilities in worship. Like other members of the team, Larry and his wife Carolyn have an extensive speaking schedule.

Paul Weingartner, the Executive Director of the Center of the Blind for the Assemblies of God oversees the production of resources for the blind is legally blind himself. He also travels internationally training others to minister to the blind and the visually impaired. His associate Sarah Sykes is certified in Braille transcription and is a key member of his team.