First Class Cats

Their First Takeoff

by Kristen Connors; Dan Quinn



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/25/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 28
ISBN : 9781452011523

About the Book

Meet Miss Belle and Bo, Captain Dan's fearless cats, who out of boredom and adventurous spirit courageously stowaway on his great big jet. Find out how they lovingly sneak aboard the plane and into the cabin to encounter funny adventures throughout the flight. In the end, they are seated up-front near Captain Dan who denotes them "First-Class Cats", and together, they begin to travel the world. This endearing tale will leave a lasting impression on readers of all ages as well as offering a great introduction to air travel and regulations on-board the plane.


In this inaugural story, the authors' hope is to promote travel, culture, history and geography to children of many ages, all told through the eyes of two beloved cats, Miss Belle and Bo.


The idea of awarding them a first-class seat is not around luxury, comfort or food, but rather the proximity to Captain Dan. With the cats seated near the cockpit, he is able to monitor them throughout the flight ensuring good behavior. The authors' other intent is to spotlight the term "first-class cats" in correlation to obedience and good deeds; something they will look to do on every trip.


Please sit back, buckle your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff as Miss Belle and Bo, the two, "new"  first-class cats, discover how much fun air travel can really be! Turn the page and let the adventures begin!


About the Author

Captain Dan Quinn, a pilot with a major airline, was packing his suitcase for an overseas trip and crafted a storyline about his own two cats who secretly stowaway in his carryon bag to travel with him. With the help of a friend and neighbor Kristen Connors, the actual story came to life on paper. Dan and Kristen's shared passion for international travel and their appreciation of different cultures and customs was easily combined through adorable tales of funny cat adventures to formulate this single storyline. Their plan to offer continual and on-going travel discovery for children will become a series of stories, transporting readers to many cities around the world through their "colorful tails". (pun-intended)  


Dan is a former military officer who enjoys music and lives in a little wooded neighborhood in Atlanta, GA.  Kristen graduated from Wagner College-NY with a BA in English Literature and Journalism. She enjoys travel and music and lives in the same little wooded neighborhood.  She also has two adorable cats at home.