Bella Mouse at Mobberley Edge

by C.S. Rhodes

Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/25/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 188
ISBN : 9781449073381

About the Book

Bella has to leave her home due to the arrival of a cat. On her journey looking for a new home she befriends Squirrel. Bella’s hillbilly cousin Hillibip, gives them directions to Mobberley Edge. Bella and Squirrel find an old dolls house there and move in. They call it Thistledown Lodge. They make friends with King Rat (good guy) who owns Mobberley Edge rubbish dump. This is the source for everything they need including precious silver and gold milk bottle tops. New animals arrive and each tells its life story to pay for accommodation. Soon a little community is established and the adventures begin. They clash with Scraggy Rat, the ruthless leader of a renegade bunch of rats at Finkle Faggot rubbish dump when he attempts to steal their precious milk bottle tops from Mole’s Bank. The story moves swiftly, packed with adventure, intrigue, daring raids and rescue missions, amazing inventions from the ever resourceful Squirrel and his reluctant assistant Anonee Mouse, and the emotional round-a-bout of fear, sadness and happiness. The annual Mobberley Edge Grand Prix gives love struck Anonee Mouse the opportunity to prove himself worthy of Hillibip, but what follows leaves Mobberley Edge in shock.

About the Author

Welcome to our first book. C. S. Rhodes is a husband and wife team. The idea for the story came from seeing a discarded dolls house in a field near our home in rural Bedfordshire, England. We thought it would be a great home for little critters living in the fields. We bounced the idea around and the story started to take shape. Words were revised to help create a distinctive personality for the characters. So we worked together to bring Bella and her friends to life and believe we have a very unique story here. If you get just a fraction of the amusement from reading it that we got from writing and illustrating it, then it will have all been worthwhile.