Cancer - Diary of a daughter

by A. J. King



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/20/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781449037093

About the Book

This is a short story that will last a lifetime. The fact that it is short is actually part of the story itself, as it is the story of a cancer journey that lasted a mere forty three days.
In July 2009 the author’s father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The story is told through the daily entries in her diary written as if she were talking directly to her dad.
The story deals with the raw emotions of the cancer diagnosis and beyond. In the daily entries the author deals with dysfunctional families, divorce and re-marriage, distance, grievance and re-connecting with loved ones as well as her own pain and grief. You will discover how she copes with the normal and abnormal things that are happening in her life on a daily basis, and how she learns a level of forgiveness and gratitude that most people around her cannot understand.
There is anger, there is grief and hurt, there is forgiveness and tenderness, there is humour and above all there is an unending love between a daughter and her father than all grown up children will understand.
A book that will make you cry, that you can sit and read in a couple of hours and that you will be able to connect with even if you have been fortunate enough to have avoided contact with cancer so far.
Above all this book is a promise. A promise from a daughter to her beloved dad to do something good out of something bad, a book that will raise money for Cancer Research.
For all of us.

About the Author

A. J. King like many others in the UK had spent her life working hard, progressing through the ranks to a senior management level. But 2009 had different plans for her that would explode over a six month period changing life as she knew it.
At 44 years old, with two young children, a happy marriage and a great job, things seemed to be bordering on perfect, then one Sunday morning in March a freak event caused a serious car crash on her way to work resulting in a month off. Having reflection time she made a big decision to leave her career behind and do something new.

Being a ‘glass half full’ type of person she booked herself on some courses and set about planning her own business with enthusiasm. She called a friend and took a part time job to keep the wolves from the door.

In June she collapsed at work and was rushed to hospital for the second time, another month off work followed and so did major surgery. During this period she completed two diplomas and signed up for a degree. And just as she was getting ready to return to work she made a phone call that would start a whirlwind of change and emotion.

Her dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she knew instantly that if she did not do something positive with this experience then it may all be just too much, so the night of the call was the night she started a diary that would teach her more about life and love than you could learn in a lifetime.