Internal Bleeding

For people that really want to live!

by Noel McLean



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/1/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781449062941

About the Book

No one can continue to bleed and live!


Internal Bleeding is a thought-provoking book like no other that challenges all of us to examine ourselves and be blatantly honest about how we really are feeling within. The concept of internal bleeding is paralled with the human levels of inner pain and trauma that can ultimately cost us our dreams.This book exposes the common traps that human-beings fall into, that causes their most pertinent needs to be neglected and hidden within their everyday lives. The concept of 'internal bleeding' is powerfully used to bring the reader to a place where they can really see themselves and not be ashamed to begin the journey to a place of inner breakthrough and peace. Internal bleeding is insightful enough to keep you gripped and engaging enough to inspire you on a journey that will ultimately cause you to stop bleeding.

About the Author

Noel McLean since 1989, has provided practical support, insightful wisdom and inspirational talks to individuals,couples,families,community groups,managers and students. He is a sought after and respected speaker, senior pastor,qualified life Coach, leadership mentor and chair of Wandsworth borough deans, who applies all his management skills in providing counsel and support for people. Noel, possesses a unique ability to empathise with hurting and troubled people, regardless of their gender,ethnicity and faith, giving practical and workable steps that people can grasp. Noel, is a strategic thinker who considers solutions to problems and his wisdom has been sought for from the local police, hospital and political parties.Noel is also an experienced short-term missionary and has trained teams to go into Europe,Asia and the Caribbean. His missionary work has meant that he oversights ministries and social programs in the U.K, Kenya and India, the most notable of which, provides food and support for homeless children in Kenya on a weekly basis. As a result of this, he has completed an MA in short-term missions. He is the founder of the Hope Walk, a walk that unites politicians,churches,community leaders,youth workers and the police together, to declare hope to their community; the founder of Emerging Leaders, a support based mentoring program that provides mentoring for current and emerging leaders in society and he is the founder of YCF International, a Christian ministry that has an emphasis on building families and raising leaders.Noel has consistently expressed a heart to address the real needs of people and in 2005 was awarded by ACEA for his contributions to the Black Christian Community in the U.K and in 2008 was invited to attend a reception with the British Prime Minister in view of his community work. Noel lives in the U.K., is happily married to Sharon and they have four children.