The Eleventh Commandment





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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/29/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 252
ISBN : 9781449056766

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The opening scene is a courtroom filled with reporters and spectators in a small town somewhere in Tennessee. The court is awaiting the arrival of Dr. Berringer, a well-known figure in Huntington, because of his position with the towns primary source of employment “the institution for the criminally insane that opened up some two and a half years ago. Dr. Berringer had been living in Florida in retirement He was extridited to Tennessee, to face murder charges against him. Two women were found in the garden of his house that he occupied when he was employed as chief of staff of the institution. Dr. Berringer is brought into the courtroom in handcuffs by two officers of the court. He is seated by his attorney in front of the courtroom. The story opens up by the prosecuting attorney Marilyn Emery. The prosecuting attorney. She addresses the jury with her opening remarks accusing Dr. Berringer of being a cold, calculus, sadistic murderer. She makes a strong case against Dr. Berringer,and tells the jury, she will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is guilty and she is seeking the death penalty. Dr. Berringer’s attorney, then makes his opening remarks to the jury, that his client is innocent of all charges, and he will prove beyond any doubt Dr. Berringer is a respectable man and he will ask the jury for an aqquital because there is no tangible evidence. The story opens up with the defense attorney calling on Dr. Morrison and asks him to tell his story in his own words. A flash back opens up the story of the beginning of Dr. Morrison and the institution. During the course of Dr. Morrison’s testimony he brings to life the inmates that are interred at the institution. They are all serial killers. One of the inmates, who is one of the main characters of this book is”Billy Joe Courtney” he is a young farm boy who Dr. Morrison accidentally finds out, has Multiple Personaliities of which most of them are serial killers.’Billy Joe, is a type of kid that came from very poor ignorant farm people. His mother, took in laundry from neighboring farms to put food on the table. His father was the town drunk.they never had any type of education,and Billy Joe never learned to read or write’ All of his personalities are different In fact two of them are wormen. In this story you.will find, Dr. Berringer did not have a good marriage. He falls in love with a female inmate that was compared to “Lizizie Bordon” because sne had killed her husband with an ax. When she entered the institution She was pregnant at the time.He concocks a scheme to make her his misstress and swindles her out of a great deal of money and kills two people in the process I promise you this book is riveting and you will find it very hard to put it down. Sequel to follow.

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