God's Miracles In Lives of Regular People


by Angelic Tarasio



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/1/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 372
ISBN : 9781449027650

About the Book

Maria, the main character of the trilogy Gods Miracles in Lives of Regular People, decided to visit her family in Western Ukraine and assist them to move to France. Her fiancé Alexander miraculously found Maria in Germany and they got married. Waiting for their child to come, Maria took a risk and the Count and Countess Kurbatov entered the unknown communist country in fall of 1946. They did not find the family in the estate. As Maria discovered later, the local NKVD shot her father in 1944, sent the siblings to different orphanages in Russia and occupied Dr. Kotyks house.

The NKVD did not follow international or human laws towards the citizens of France. On the contrary, they demonstrated their demonic nature. Maria prayed for a miracle and her husband survived. The innocent couple was sentenced for 12 years of imprisonment and sent to Siberia camps for peoples enemies.

Maria was transported with nuns and their warm prayers helped Maria during terrible voyage. The work in mines under freezing temperature was strenuous. Maria prayed and the Father Almighty protected Marias child and healthy Alexander Jr. was born.

The death of Stalin did not bring liberation for political inmates. Only in 1956 Marias punishment cell was opened. A new government acknowledged the mistakes in investigation of majority of the cases.

Alexander Jr. was destined to meet his father at the age of 10. They became the closest people. The Kurbatovs were not totally liberated. They were forcefully settled in Magadan zone without passports. Alexander visited Magadan KGB and insisted in their repatriation to France.  His visit had a tragic ending. While being hospitalized, Maria learned that those who caused the misfortune in her family went after her children and her. 

About the Author

I was born in 1952 in the Ukraine, one of fifteen republics of former Soviet Union. My father was a high ranking military officer in the Soviet army, and my mother was a housewife. From five years of age, I remember myself in tight schedule of different activities in music or sport schools and the studio of young actors with acting, dancing and reciting long poems. 

In 1959 I became a student of one of the best schools in our region, where the talented and knowledgeable teachers showed us the way to a wonderful world of fascinating knowledge. From ten years of age, my teachers motivated me to write. They read my compositions in front of the classmates. Most of all, I got pleasure from writing my personal journals. The daily events were recorded in the form of poems and stories. On Saturdays, my parents used to arrange the family gatherings, where I read my first pieces of writing to them and their friends.

The language teachers encouraged me to undergo the University studies in journalism and creative writing. However, I was interested in studying the foreign languages. In 1977 I graduated with Diploma and Degree, as a specialist in the German and English languages and literature.

In 1988 our family arrived to the United States, saving the life of our daughter Tatiana. Seven surgeries with numerous complications and a record of clinical death proved the words of my mother-in-law: When people cannot help, ask the Father Almighty to rescue, and He will work in His miraculous way. 

            In 2008 I began writing the trilogy Gods Miracles in Lives of Regular People, a true historical and inspirational love story about my mother-in-law, a talented woman with thorny destiny, whose survival was a true Gods miracle.


Angelic Tarasio

Florida, USA.