Art by Faith

by Katherine McNeill



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/1/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9781449021801

About the Book

This book is an account of an extraordinarily gifted woman who faced life’s adversity with hope and tenacity. She followed her dream and stayed true to her faith even when her uphill battle seemed futile. The fortunes and misfortunes experienced by Katherine and her family during their lifetime are not all that uncommon but her resilience and determination fed by the love of Christ is inspiring. Her story is based on her defeats and victories as a woman, mother, wife, artist, and Christian. From an early age, she was not destined to an ordinary life but one that was filled with gifts of joy and the anguish of hardship.

About the Author

Her story is presented from the perspective of a fighter – a woman filled with courage and deep conviction for accomplishment and success in the competitive field of art. She was compelled to act under the guidance of her Christian faith and supported at every turn by her family and friends and lovers of art. Between 1960 and early 1980, her life as a new bride and mother struggling to make her debut as an artist was fraught with economic and cultural change. Taking one step forward often meant two steps backward yet her will to fullfil her destiny persevered. The life of an artist combined with the responsibilities of motherhood and wife requires extraordinary effort and focus, and in her case, a lifeline to the Almighty. Her strong faith in God never diminished, and her childhood dreams to be an artist and please those around her with beautiful artwork never faded even on her darkest day.For those who use adversity as an excuse for failure, Katherine reminds us that life is what we make it. The choice is there for each of us to make and the freedom to be the best we can. Even today, she continues to live her life to its fullest, satisfying the need to create while listening for answers from the Holy Spirit to conquer events that seem insurmountable. Her story, perhaps similar to your own, is a testimony honoring those who stand by our side, about real people and human spirit, and the guts to fulfill a dream.