Tabbies and Tigers in Provence

by Elizabeth Brutton



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/30/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781449021047

About the Book

This is the delightful tale of Fifi, the French cat, her separation from her mother, adoption by human parents and her adventures in her new life. It is a story which cat-lovers and their children will enjoy reading together, as the mannerisms and arrogance of cats is portrayed with reality and humour. Fifi relates her own story, inviting us to join her in her blissful life in Provence. In Part One, we learn about her growing up with humans, but always preferring the call of the wild. She describes the day when Agate, a neighbour's cat invades her privacy, how it affected her, and how a new member of the family, Agate's son, Shere Khan, is introduced into the household. Serious changes happen when Agate is killed by a car, and her dying wish was that Fifi would promise to look after her son, Shere Khan. Part Two unfolds the adventures of Fifi and her companions, in a search for Shere Khan. He had decided to run away to sea as a ship's cat. They encounter a rare breed of tiger in a zoo, who was stolen from a Maharajah living in Provence. He is assisted to escape and returned to his master, only after terrifying ordeals by Fifi and her companions. Fifi's search takes her through forests and water, encountering many dangers from both hunters and wild boar, until finally being reunited with Shere Khan as he is about to leave on a ship from Marseilles. Throughout the book, the beauty of Provence, its flora and fauna is captured through the eyes of Fifi. You will relate to every nuance of Fifi's emotions and fears, as she unfolds her story and draws the reader into her world.

About the Author

Elizabeth Brutton was born in the UK. She attended the Wolverhampton College of Art and continued her studies in both France and Italy. She became a portrait artist initially, and now continues her painting, capturing the beauty of Provence, where she now lives with her retired husband, a Ship's Captain, and her two cats, Fifi and Shere Khan. Her vision of life through the eyes of her cats, provoked the idea for her book, Tabbies and Tigers in Provence". She has included several sketches and photographs of the cats in her book.