Creative Strategies For Conflict Management & Community Building

by Christian Ndubueze Anyanwu



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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/1/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 308
ISBN : 9781449030612

About the Book

This book, in applying the asset mapping theory of Kretzmann and McKnight (1993), developed a positive communication strategy for minimizing conflicts and building a more Collaborative  Communities in Organizations and Churches, with much emphasis on inclusivity, consensus and commitment to common vision and ideals.

 While critically reviewing the traditional conflict theories in their approaches to conflict management; the book uses the new lens provided by the asset mapping theory, to recommend for a paradigm shift in the way people look at organizations and conflicts. A new emphasis therefore is on the positive elements in organizations, the assets that lie within individuals and groups, as the key to minimizing conflict in organizations. Besides, unlike the traditional conflict theories which sees conflict as a problem, this new lens, sees conflict within organizations,  as functional and opportunities for growth.

The book equally identifies some of the significant factors that cause ethnic conflicts within organizations; such as, Prejudices among Ethnic Groups; Differences of Ethnic Groups; Power Struggle among Ethnic Groups; Discrimination and Injustice against Groups; Lack of Participatory Communication; and Lack of Participatory Leadership. 

Finally, in reviewing the relevant literatures on Community Building, the book underlines the various variables that make Community Building possible. Such variables include: Discovering and Mobilizing the Assets of Individuals and Groups within Organizations; Building Relationships among Individuals and Groups within Organizations; Building  a more Participatory Leadership within Organizations; Building a more Participatory Communication within Organizations;  Creating more Awareness on the necessity of Collaborative Initiatives, as well as,  Promoting the Common Cultural Values and Ideals that holds Individuals and Groups together within Organization.

About the Author

Christian Ndubueze Anyanwu is a Catholic Priest ordained for the Diocese of Port-Harcourt, in the South of Nigeria. He obtained a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D) in Communications from the Gregorian University, Rome in 2009. Before then, he acquired his Bachelors of Science Degree (B.SC)  in Social Science, as well as, a Masters (Licentiate) Degree in Social Communications at the same Gregorian University, Rome.

Fr. Anyanwu is an experienced Journalist whose research interest is on the "Media and Conflict Resolution."

Before going for further studies in Rome, he had worked as the founding Editor of the "Catholic Link," the newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Port-Harcourt. He has also worked in the "Tablet," one of the leading Catholic newspapers in the United States owed by the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. As a newspaper columnist, Fr. Anyanwu’s articles which appear fortnightly in the "Catholic Link" newspaper under the title "Thinking Corner" are widely read in his home diocese of Port-Harcourt. He has also written many scholarly articles in international journals and newspapers.

Fr. Anyanwu is very humorous and friendly.