If Dreams Come True

by Noorah Deen



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/6/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 80
ISBN : 9781449012984

About the Book

'IF DREAMS COME TRUE" is a collection of poems which express great emotion of love, sorrow and joys.The author talks about her dreams and hopes in a very vivid and vibrant way which gives the readers the opportunity to visualize the scenes in a tangible manner. She has given Africa the glorious status it deserves, especially when it comes to Botswana which she appreciates greatly for its simple and peaceful life it offers.

I believe that anyone can relate to those feelings of love, pain and hope. A collection of poems which the author has written from the depth of her soul in a strong and formidable way - powerful feelings and strong emotion. 

. last February 2013 the book receives an HONORARY MENTION at the LOS ANGELES BOOK FESTIVAL.

About the Author

Her author name is Noorah Deen and she was born in Mauritius but currentlly living in Botswana. As she is passionate about writing, she keeps herself busy with shaping words into beautiful and lively emotions. Her wonder words create a world of its own where real feelings of pain , love and hopes are choreographed together to bring the pages alive with emotion and turmoil. The scenes are set on the lovely continent of Africa where the author gathers inspiration. As she says: "and words come flowing down like "Victoria Falls". Without any doubt,Noorah Deen is that kind of person who cares about humanity at large - for a better world filled with justice, peace and happiness for each and everyone - true emotion and real feelings exposed by human nature and which the author has expressed in a candid manner. Last February 2013 the auhor participates in the LOS ANGELES BOOK FESTIVAL in the US. Her book "IF DREAMS COME TRUE" obtains an HONORARY MENTION.