Knights of the Continuum

From the Journal of the Time Builder

by Rick J. Fiore



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/22/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 404
ISBN : 9781452077086

About the Book

1869: A man is murdered in Westminster Abbey. The weapon used: Excalibur.

1899: John Arthur, the son of the murdered man, needs to find the truth about the death of his Father and claim the sword which still stands proud in the Abbey. It is only with Excalibur that John can unite a fellowship from distant worlds to defeat an enemy that threatens all of humanity.

1969: An American journalist intends to unearth the truth behind the now

famous sword of the Abbey, only to find himself involved as time bends in

upon itself resulting in a huge battle in 60's London.

This book explores the history of John's Father and the mysterious pocket watch bequeathed to him by the equally mysterious wizard.

It takes us through John's understanding of his duty and his relationships with Doctor Harry Kenner, the beautiful Katherine Canaveral, Captain Larry Faygun and Crusifious, the powerful King of Oyrinx.

Join John Arthur on his journey through time, space and enlightenment.

Follow him as he slowly becomes his own hero. A hero only time can create.

About the Author

Rick J. Fiore was born in1971 in the town of Southend on Sea, Essex, England. Southend sits on the Thames estuary and Rick often stared into the water, knowing that it led to one of the greatest and most fascinating cities on Earth, London. Part of him felt that he should have been born in London and he always felt at home when he visited. To him this vast metropolis was the centre and hub of the entire universe, almost a living thing within itself. This was confirmed when he discovered the works of H. G.Wells, who used London as a backdrop for many of his stories. Wells was a great influence upon Rick and the early concept of The Knights of the Continuum, most notably by The War of the Worlds, The First Men in the Moon (ironically one of Wells's few stories not set in London) and of course, The Time Machine. It was this book, the George Pal film and a certain space saga that began in 1977 that made Rick realise he had his own story to tell.

The Knights of the Continuum is the first of three stories written by Rick, that race back and forth through time linking possible pasts, presents and futures into one incredible tale.