Get Down Off The Cross

(we need the wood)

by David Kelleher



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/9/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781449043292

About the Book

This book is a simple straight forward humorous tool that you can use to give yourself more courage more confidence and a positive direction for your life. All the tools in this book are easy to apply and are a lot of fun. In this book you will find simple effective tools that will help you to:

Learn how to eliminate that self talk that is holding you back and keeping you down.

Maintain a positive empowered state.

Learn the power of goals and the joy of fear!

Get excited about obstacles in your life instead of dreading them.

Find out how to ask yourself better quality questions.

How to use gratitude to open up a whole new world around you

How to use your emotions to give you power and how to recognise these emotions

How to forgive yourself for previous mistakes or behaviour

How to establish and work with your own beliefs

How to give yourself regular praise and rewards without guilt How to live fully in the now and be excited by your life again.

About the Author

Dave Kelleher is a renowned Life, Business and Financial coach and a member of the LBCAI and the Irish Coaching Development Network. He is a licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, and Hypnosis.

He has developed many brilliant techniques to help people to live their lives with more courage and confidence and self awareness and high self-worth. More details on After spending ten years in the financial services industry prior to being a coach he quickly realised that people had no goals for their money and very little awareness around money which led him to develop a highly successful system for helping people to master their finances and eliminate debt forever.