Una Storia Amore

A Love Story by Way of New York

by Mark Toro



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/30/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 308
ISBN : 9781449083366
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781467058148

About the Book

Toro's debut novel offers a divine love story that takes one man back and forth between the Northeast and Midwest. When Michael leaves New York City and returns to Ohio, where he grew up, his life is a shambles. His ex-wife allows him to stay with her as he gets back on his feet, but their relationship remains broken. However, God intervenes in Michael's life, starting with a miracle that cures his chronic anxiety. Michael then has a vision and falls in love with a girl he's never met and feels prompted by God to woo her. A series of small miracles occurs to assist him; for example, he sends her a photograph of an angel statue that unintentionally includes the digits of his phone number. The path to love is not without trials, and Michael, his ex-wife and his new love interest must go through a healing process before they can find happy endings. Toro tells the story using a rhythmic, poetic style, giving the novel a dreamlike quality that compliments its romantic elements. This style does have its limitations, however; although the book's prayers and dialogue have a pleasant ring, they don't necessarily resemble natural speech. One prayer reads, in part, "I'd like for this ride to end...to put an end to this terrible spin, and start me anew on who you're willing to send...a normal but blessed love about to begin." Some plot details are so finely woven into the prose that casual readers may miss key information. Overall, Michael does a great deal of praying and reflecting--a narrative choice that benefits from the work's rhythmic style--creating a story that focuses more on emotion than action. A marriage of poetry and prose for fans of inspirational and romantic fiction. -- Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Mark Toro is first and foremost a professional photographer by trade. Before publishing this first novel, he has had numerous music reviews published along with his concert photography, editorial photography and photojournalism.  A few college writing courses years ago led him to believe in his writing. This particular writing of this novel took him by surprise as he never wrote anything having a style that rhymed. The story opened up one day after returning from New York City and finishing a screenplay. Then, the miracle of words began to pour out, like never before in his life. 


"What I thought was going to be a small memoir of living in New York turned into a year and a half long novel. I just decided to go with it and I couldn't believe how it transpired."


"Each time I wrote, I never realized with words flowing through me in perfect prose and rhyme form, that each time I wrote was a miracle, because I don't believe it was all coming from me. A string of miracles each time I wrote, tied together finishing this story. It was a miracle because I never ever wrote this way before in my life. A string of miracles tied together that finished this story, a story of hope for others to believe, how real God can truly be. 


Published by Zondervan/Tehabi Books for a photography book called, "Sunday In America" in 1997, Mark thought sending a ten chapter proposal to Zondervan to see if he had anything would be a place to start. A letter back from Lyn Cryderman, Vice President and Publisher of Books at Zondervan replied with, "I must tell you that this was well written." "That really encouraged me to continue," Mark says. "Una Storia Amore" was finally finished in The Summer of 2006.