Trouble Came Calling

by Orville Powell



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/10/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 376
ISBN : 9781438963617

About the Book

Al-Mahdi had waited patiently for fifteen years for his opportunity to set in motion, a series of actions that would spread bloodcurdling fear and shock all across the United States. He would revenge the deaths of his grandfather and two uncles by bringing death and destruction to American soil. The plan was to strike deep inside the United States at a location the Americans would never suspect. The infidels’ blood would flow like a great river through their streets. Revenge would be sweet.


Fearing terrorists have infiltrated the police department and the mayor’s office, City Manager Bradley Foster and Police Chief Adam Stallings will be tested beyond anything they have ever experienced. Turning to the federal government for help, it soon becomes clear that the Department of Homeland Security does not share their concerns of an impending terrorists attack upon their city. No help will be forthcoming from the federal government. Shaken with doubt that Homeland Security may be right, Foster and Stallings, never-the-less, decide that the risk is too great to ignore. They put into motion a plan to determine who could be behind the forthcoming attack. What would be their target? How soon would the attack come?  





About the Author

Orville Powell brings to his first fictional novel experiences as a clinical associate professor at Indiana University, the city manager of three cities, a consultant to local governments in five countries and an airplane pilot with over a thousand hours of flight time logged.


Mr. Powell’s first book, “City Management: Keys to Success,” has become a leading book on local government in this country. It has also been translated into Chinese and published by Peking University Press. Mr. Powell co-authored another non-fiction book titled “Earth is a Nice Little planet: Who Will Save It?”