The Growing Books Vol 1

My Inside Is Outside

by Michael Drake



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/5/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9781438963365

About the Book

56 Colorfully Rhymed & illustrated Pages!   I’ve been a verbal, musical lyricist my entire life. Kay Lum, the visual lyricist,  has been a perfect fit. Please enjoy our humble offerings!

The Growing Books Volume 1 A collection of 4 whimsical children's poem/picture books that inspire creativity. These are lovingly dedicated to my grandchildren Victoria and Ferris and to all the other childrens' children of the world!  


I Think I'd like to Be a Bee is about the curiosity and  imagination a child has with what and who a Bee is and does and thinks!

"What is he really trying to do? Is he chasing from or running to?"

Dancing With Mr. Brussel Sprout what more fun can this ever be?! This time I'll take the lead no doubt, Mr. Brussel and Mrs. Me."  Mr. Russell Brussel and all his vegetable friends go dancing with Mrs. Me. "We'll do a Cha Cha or a Tango, Merengue or some swing. Viennese waltz, the Chicken Dance, almost anything!"

The Blue Swing - What does a child think of when swinging on a swing?"My hands and feet are flying free all four of them are a part of me!" "Tic Toc just like a clock...."

Mootsy The Rootsy -  "Mootsy is a root from an old oak tree, this for sure you can most definitely see"  Mootsy has his friend Wendel the worm to hang out with him below the ground but he can see above the ground with his branches and leaves and as the years would grow by, so did the tree!

"He never traveled anywhere else anywhere else at all!" 

Written by Michael Drake  Illustrations by Kay Lum 


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About the Author

Michael Drake:

After creating 8 CD’s of original music, Beach, Jazz and Romantic Ballads, go to  and explore my entire creative history. I have written about simple common things about children in poetic form that have exploded into an incredible journey! The artistic talents of the perfect illustrator Kay Lum, has brought my poem stories to life in full color, we proudly present,  The Growing Books, My Inside is Outside! Volume 1

Whimsical children’s poem/picture books that inspire creativity!

In addition to the full color book I have a coloring book, DVD, CD with JPEGs for a slide show, personal appearances and 18’x36’ table top versions!

Kay Lum:

Michael Drake's words took me back to my own wonderful childhood where I spent days swinging and swings, climbing trees, playing in the yard, and daydreaming. I have always been sort of a dreamer and have tried to look at things from a unique perspective. It has been and continues to be a joy to take this trip back in time with Michael Drake's encouragement and inspiration. I couldn't imagine a better creative team! And... I really LOVE his music too! :^)


personalize it with your name of choice,  autograph and date it with a serial number!