Conquering the Borderlands

A Southern Tier Journal: San Diego to St. Augustine by Bicycle

by Lorraine Veisz



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/1/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 392
ISBN : 9781438985312

About the Book

In terms of United States history, the Borderlands are the territories, from Alta California to La Florida, that formed the northern frontier of Spains New World empire. Conquering the Borderlands relates their histories, landscapes, and cultures as they unfolded during the authors Southern Tier bicycle journey from San Diego to St. Augustine.

The Southern Tier route intersects the paths of Spanish conquistadors, stagecoach routes, and cattle drives, all of which come alive in the pages of this book. A ferry across the Mississippi evokes Mark Twains account of life on the river; Louisianas bayous recall Evangeline, Longfellows poem about the Acadian exile from Canada. Curious javelinas emerge on West Texas roads, carnivorous plants alongside Deep South highways.

On a personal level, the author describes the rigors of the trip    and the anxieties that spring from attempting a cross-country ride nearly forty years after the goal first captured her imagination. The author coined the term chronological borderlands for that stage in life when professional and family responsibilities have been met, and deferred dreams spring to life with a renewed sense of possibility, coupled with apprehension that physical limits may be closing the door.

The books is not intended to replace travel guides and maps, but to serve as a valuable companion piece that can further enrich the experience of Southern Tier travel by bicycle, car or armchair.

About the Author

Lorraine Veisz drew upon her experiences during a 3,160 mile bicycle ride from San Diego to Saint Augustine, her university studies and life-long interest in Spanish language and history, and nearly two years of research following her cross-country journey, to write "Conquering the Borderlands." Lorraine's background enabled her to combine source material from both Spanish and English language archives with her personal observations. Having finished this project, Lorraine is about to pack her folding bike aboard the sailboat she and her husband own, to seek new adventures on sea and on land.