Before I Forget

My Life

by Seeni



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/17/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781449038007

About the Book

This book, "Before I forget" is about one woman's journey from a developing country into the big,wide world. Inspired by her parents,she soon developed an interest in education and learning. She has made a conscious effort to systematically log her journey from the beginning and has written her account using documents of her travel experience and learning throughout life. Born to an elite family, yet the author believed that hard work contributed to some extent for achievement and success.  Her journey takes her from the hills and valleys of Bandarawela Sri Lanka to other lands of exquisite beauty and those of extreme poverty.Her writing  enables the common man to appreciate the socio-economic and cultural aspects of the populations in these countries. She presents an unbiased perception of the world around her. Taking every opportunity both in her profession and in her leisure activities, it is apparent that  she has made full use of these. This book demonstrates the author's joy in sharing experiences. It brings home the value of education,life-long learning and sustained motivation despite difficulties.

The author strengthens the fact that family ties and roots are invaluable to one’s existence. This book is worth reading as it would inspire the common man to believe in himself.It would  help  those travellers reaching  the west to believe that anything is possible if one would only try. It demonstrates to some extent that life is what  one makes of it and being active participants, not passive passengers.  This book informs that integration to the larger society, forming genuine friendships and respecting  varying mentor relationships which may be key factors to the joy of living.

The book gives the reader a sense of openness, courage, honesty and reality. It allows the reader the feeling that one is traveling hopefully.

About the Author

Dr Ummanga Jolly was born in Sri Lanka. In 1961 she came to England and trained as a nurse at Hammersmith Hospital London,leaving there in 1964 with a State Registered Nurse Certificate and the Hospital Bronze Medal. She became a Registered Midwife in 1966 and gained experience in a variety of clinical settings.At the end of 1973 Ummanga obtained the Registered Clinical Nurse Teacher Certificate, Teachers' Certificate (Man), Diploma in Nursing (Lond) and Oncology Certificate.  In 1977 she was awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Education (Man). In 1979 Ummanga became a Senior Tutor, completed a Masters in Education(Man) and moved on to be a Senior Tutor Post-Basic Education. She was appointed Senior Nurse Research and Development in 1983 and was awarded a Department of Health Scholarship to complete a PhD from the University of Durham in 1991. In the same year she was the National 3M HealthCare nominee and was appointed to the post of Quality Assurance and Standards officer.


Ummanga was awarded a Florence Nightingale Scholarship in 1990 to study the implementation of clinical nursing audit systems in the USA and Canada.  In the year 2000,she was conferred a Fellowship of the Florence Nightingale Foundation for her commitment and determination to promote and achieve excellence in nursing practice. She is a Trustee of the Foundation (Executive Commmittee). Ummanga entered the Magistracy in 1995. She is the president of the Multiple Sclerosis Society (Preston and District). She is a keen writer of Technical books.  She devotes her leisure time to her cats and has interest in travel, the natural world, photography and is a cricket enthusiast.She holds an Honours Degree in Law from the Open University  England.