Inspire Me

Reaching Beyond the Break

by Marcus A. Brown



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/29/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781438949895

About the Book

Life is a game of tug war. Where at birth you are given one end of a rope, while God holds the other. During the course of life, people and personal obstacles is like a pair of sharp scissors standing in the middle of that rope waiting to cut. “Inspire Me” was written with the mission to act as a encouraging foot stool, that’ll allow you to reach beyond your personal break. Rather your break in the rope is the idea of losing your job, a battle with drugs, or just life in general you must be inspired. Inspiration is like a seed that God plants around the world, that doesn’t require you to be rich or famous to enjoy. Each time something or someone touches your life, its just another inspirational seed being planted within you, but its up to YOU to apply the proper care that’ll allow that seed to blossom. Losing my grandfather seemed to be the most devastating time of my life, but becoming more mature in Christ, I now realize that it was simply just an inspirational seed planted deep within my heart. The pain of losing my grandfather enabled me to connect with others that too feel as if their light is starting to dim. With “Inspire Me” I hope to inspire you as much as I’ve been inspired in writing it

About the Author

Marcus A. Brown was born and raised in Chicago Illinois, being the older of two children. Marcus comes from a family that is not only big in number, but as well in love and care. It was in 1st grade when Marcus discovered his true talent and gift, when developing a story in which his teacher didn’t believe came from such a young mind. Since first grade, Marcus has gone on to write many poems, short stories, and novels. Marcus is currently working on new material that’ll shine light on other talents and gifts. Marcus plans on having a story turned into a screen play that’ll enable people to see his characters come to life. Marcus inspiration came from his late grandfather, where he would sit on his grandfather’s lap, and take imaginary trips with the stories his grandfather told. “Inspire Me” is the first of many books that’ll come from both the soul and mind of Marcus A. Brown. With his writing he wishes to… Inspire, Encourage, and give Hope, because where those three words are mixed Love is bound to show.