"God is Alive/God is Real"

"The Two Days That Changed My Life Forever"

by Beverly D. Summers



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/1/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 72
ISBN : 9781438955759

About the Book

I am not a writer, I do not know how to begin to write a novel.  I have a story that must be told based on facts.  It's not based on a dream, imagination, nor coincidence.  My novel tells the story when God's (Holy Spirit) came to me in Birmingham Alabama, on January fifth, and sixth, two-thousand eight, on a school ground and left physical evidence.  It takes place during a cool month of around fifty-five degrees over a two-day period.  We are living today in a turbulent world where there is so much uncertainty, some feel hopeless, and some are losing faith.  I come to tell them today, "God Is Alive and God Is Real"       "Two Days That Changed My Life Forever"


About the Author

My name is Beverly Deloris Summers.  I was born Beverlyn Deloris Blair.  Some call me Belle or Bev.  I prefer Beverly.  I was born in the South, Birmingham Alabama, to the parents of Mr. John Ora, and Marie Latimore Blair Sr.  I was the seventh born.  Growing up, my family became members of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.  We attended Church and Sunday School every Sunday.  I sang in the choir.  I got baptized and received Christ at a very young age.  Growing up, I was intimidated by my elder sister.  She was very manipulative.  I would do anything she'd ask me.  My sister would hide to smoke and drink.  One day she said to me, take a puff and a sip.  I choked, the drink taste bad, I decided that neither was for me.  She would swear, it sounded awful.  I knew those words would not be used in my vocabulary. As time passed, we grew up and went our separate ways.  I moved out-of-state.  After my dad's passing, I came back home moved with my mother and younger siblings.  I became a member of my mother's Church.  Later, I moved, got married, became a mother of four.  After having children I had a weight problem.  I joined a gym and started a walking program.  I'd walk inside gym tracks, school tracks, any form of exercise to keep off the weight.  As time passed, I divorced, moved, worked two jobs to provide for my children.  In two-thousand one, I visited  The Guiding Light Church, felt the Holy Spirit presence, became a member the same day.  Over the years I've grown to have a very close, personal relationship with God.  January fifth, and sixth, two-thousand eight my life was changed.