Robots & Rainbows

Our Story of Asperger’s Syndrome

by Kynda Nembhard



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/19/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 188
ISBN : 9781438933740

About the Book


In the beginning, he read instruction manuals. Directions were not enclosed and there was no warranty; so pieces were slowly put together.


Who says there are no manuals for raising a child?  There are numerous, self help books and mounds of paper testimonials regarding proper parenthood. Where are the Google search guides or Cliff Notes for parents with a child who has Asperger’s Syndrome?  Is there a book which helps parents prepare for a child who doesn’t seem like the other kids?  Perhaps there is a text that explains why a child feels compelled to flap his hands like a fish in Wal-Mart or why he can’t maintain eye contact while playing next to a classmate.


Kynda Nembhard humorously shares her anecdotal notes about the uniqueness of her autistic son, Seann. The reader can begin the initial travels with Kynda’s animated son, who at the age of four, tells daycare providers about sacrifices to the mummy god, Ra.  She tries to use the genetic insight of her parents that was passed onto her, but sometimes it just didn’t work for the boy from Oregon. Telling Seann to “suck on a rock” when he is thirsty and “do as the pioneers did” seems not to be as effective parenting tool as she would like. 


Whether it is trying to bring her son out of the fog of the autism spectrum, or just trying to prove to herself that she has the confidence to be a good parent; this book shares the journey of a son and mother.


The outside of the box is sturdy but the prize inside is hidden. Directions are included —put pieces together slowly.


In an Erma Bombeck fashion, Kynda Nembhard copes with parenting, works with teachers, visits doctors, and raises a son.








About the Author

Kynda Nembhard is a married mother of two children and lives in Portland, Oregon.  She grew up in Kansas and then on a whim took off to the Pacific Northwest.  Her humor has Midwest roots which helps her find comedy in most everything.  She has a Bachelor degree in speech and a Master degree in education.  She is currently works as an investigator and writes in her spare time.  She devotes her time to various charities associated with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Kynda continues to write short stories, novels, children’s stories and memoirs.