Clueless to Commissioned

A Female Officer's Journey with God through Fifteen Years with the Fort Worth Police Department

by Kelly A. Martin



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/6/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 232
ISBN : 9781438929569

About the Book

Kelly Martin is a retired fifteen year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department. In this book she takes the reader along to experience the excitement of hitting the streets of Fort Worth for the very first time as a rookie police officer.

It is while on these streets that she discovers the amazing "insider-secret" about law enforcement: It is not just a career - it is a phenomenon. Its powerful existence seeps into the soul and becomes a part of every new officer's identity forever, bringing along with it feelings of confidence, brotherhood, and pride that are unmatched in any other organization.

As if it weren't amazing enough to experience the fellowship of the "police identity," a second profound concept quickly becomes clear: Everything pales in comparison to the peace, comfort and guidance that faith in God affords each officer daily as he or she enters the streets.

Come along and experience the all-encompassing power of God as He exhibits unfailing mercy, protection, and grace while guiding Officer Martin both throughout her police career in the great City of Fort Worth, and on the spiritual journey of a lifetime!

About the Author

One of the most enjoyable treats in my life comes on Saturday mornings. Once or twice each month, my husband, Steve and me hop eagerly into the truck with my father-in-law, Coy Martin, and begin the hour-and-a-half trip to Jack County. The highlight of the day is a stop at Herd’s, a little burger shop in downtown Jacksboro. After eating a sinfully delicious grease-soaked burger, we move on down the dirt-roads of Jack County towards what is affectionately deemed, “the farm.” Our arrival there brings a few responsibilities and many simple pleasures as we tend to the land and the surrounding wildlife.

My father-in-law served for well over thirty years in law-enforcement in the Fort Worth area, and Steve is still an officer after twenty-six years and counting. As a result, those road trips are often peppered with enthusiastically recounted “war stories” or sometimes just reminiscent thoughts of some of the more famous moments of the past. It is always a pleasure to relive the memories along with my father-in-law as he enthusiastically recounts those stories, always making a point to emphasize the same highlights - the ones which made the biggest impression on him. What a treat and a gift it is to listen to him travel back in time.

I have no children with whom to share my life experiences (and I certainly don’t have a lot of wisdom). However, I do have exciting memories and stories to tell, and a desire to share these stories with loved ones and others so that future generations will have a small glimpse of how things were in years past. As a result, this book showcases some of the more memorable incidents, calls, and predicaments I have experienced during my fifteen year career as a Fort Worth Police Officer.